MST stainless cylinder

I just tried to put an MST ribbed, multicoloured, stainless cylinder in my jinming acr j10. And the ( swear word) thing is (no verniers sorry) between 1.5-2mm short. Anyway else copped this and will an upgraded nozzle fix my drama. I mean are aftermarket nozzles a bit longer themselves.

If you got the well’s one it would be too short.
And no , an upgraded nozzle won’t help.
The nozzel distance is set by the cylinder head and tappet plate not the cylinder.
You might still be able to use it

In the description it was meant to suit gen 8+9 gearboxes. I tried to run it but it moves to and fro in the casing, being sealed then leaking like all hell. I don’t have a wells so I’ll have to send it back I suppose.

That’s odd, I have a few and they are over 72mm.
What is the length of the one you got ?

Just measured with cheap plastic verniers and it’s 70.4mm, probably a little out though.

Correction. Damn cheap verniers it’s right on 72mm. I measured the verniers with a good tape and readjusted.

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72mm should be the correct length.
How long was the original ?

Dumbass me didn’t measure it before I reassembled it. I’ll have it apart again over the weekend and I will measure it then. Also I will be measuring my mates jinming j9 m4a1. I am building a theory that my casing has a larger cylinder cut out and a custom length brass cylinder. But My theory’s rarely pan out.

Make sure you mounted it properly.
Check the piston ladder is in the groove properly and the cylinder head is in the mount at the front.

Yep the ladder was in it’s groove and the the pegs coming out of the casing went in the holes in either side of cylinder head.

Just pulled my mates gen9 m4a1 apart and his cylinder and casing cut out are 1mm shorter than mine, the MST cylinder is only 0.5mm too short for his and it just slides back that bit sits there and leaks. So back to brass for him too. At least I changed his o-ring to a green one while I was in there.

Chinese Quality Control = Hope you don’t notice


I ended up getting a refund for the cylinder,. And then I checked it with the cheap m249 saw and it fit in perfectly. I changed the o-ring, spring and stabilised the floppy plastic barrel. It shoots like a jinming now.

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I did end ep using it in my saw

That’s great , MST cylinders are usually very good :+1:

I have since found that all my gen 8 gearboxes have 72mm cylinders. Yet to buy more gen9’s and measure those.

Hey do u still have them? What size are they

What length you mean ?
I have a few and they are all 72mm

Dont worry read ur message wrong haha. What is a good cylinder head to go with the mst cylinder

Depends on what blaster it is for ?
I look at the heads nozzle tube and how well the nozzle fits it and how smooth it moves on it, a lot have very rough finish on the tube.
I also like aluminium nozzels because they are lighter.

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