Muzzletek Azraels Armoury Hopup No Adjustment

First time poster.
Does anyones Muzzletek Hopup have no adjustment? I have completely taken grub screw out on the front, and i have screwed it all the way in. The inside tongue doesnt even move…

I have had nothing but issues with Azraels Armoury. I preordered all this before the pistols first arrived, then they forgot about my order so i had to chase them numerous times and i finally got it a few days ago, but it seems to be a dud and doesnt work at all.

Just asking here first because i would rather shoot myself in the face then try to deal with them again…

Thanks guys

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Mate that’s no good !
I have a few and all of mine work perfectly.
Have you tried to ring Brent, he is normally very good with warranty issues :+1:



He should be along shortly and I am sure it can be sorted out for you :+1:


Hey mate that is very unusual for it to not adjust and must be a reason for it. Could be a defective inner. Pm me your order number and can send you out a new one.


Thanks for the help guys.
Can Admin/Mods please delete this thread as i will email Azraels. I dont want to be slogging companies when they are trying to help me. (Flag shortcut wont work & cannot edit original post)

Much appreciated guys

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Probably best to leave this thread here incase someone else has the same problem and also it’s a GOOD EXAMPLE of @AzraelsArmoury stepping in to contact you and help. Something the industry needs more of. :grin:



Both flames and resolutions should stand if noobs are to get a feel for which vendors provide quality after care.