Muzzletek Hop-up.. Ridiculously good

I just finished setting up my shark with the Muzzletek hop up and it is ridiculously good !

Tests yesterday were very accurate at 15 to 20m and straight shot distance was easily reaching 45m plus :sunglasses:


That sounds pretty decent Rattler, I’d be happy with that accuracy at that range. Where do you get the muzzletech hop up from?

It has a 12mm LH thread so you need to make sure it will suit your pistol, it was designed for the APS range.


Without a hopup my 2011 was getting me hits as far as 25m. So even without the muzzle tech their good. I’d love to get one but don’t know how well they’d work on mine.

Those muzzleteks are awesome :partying_face::+1:

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Seen one in action the other day :+1:
Sucks that I’m still waiting for mine
Been at hellvale since 17th of June :yawning_face::angry::rage:

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A guy at the game yesterday had one of those on his shark, looked pretty sweet too.

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Saw one today. Accuracy is noticeable

Have to investigate and see if i can fit one on the g17

Just ordered the bits to do it

What bugs would they be

Outer barrel from rpm and the hopup from azreal

She’s not noticed yet

She will… They always do…

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Its a damn expensive hopup tho😅

Is there a trick to install it? I had it installed and it would just shred the AKAs I was using.

$65 is just fucking rude!

It’s only 3x the price of a 3D printed one. Which tend to fall apart in high powered blasters.

It’s steep agreed, but cnc’d it should last. Is what it is.

Anyone know the thread of the Newell ones? I will make some to fit them.


I don’t think the outer barrel is threaded , it’s just grooved, I will put up a pic when I get home. I ordered the muzzletek from you last nite and a 12mm CCW threaded outer barrel from HK for the g17

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@AzraelsArmoury that’s the g17 barrel. Pretty sure that’s not a thread just grooved

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