My ACR J10 destroying gels upon firing?

Hey GBF, I’m new here looking for community help.

So I’ve bought online my first ACR J10 recently during the Aus Black Friday sales.
I love how it looks and would like to use it at fields… but got a problem with it.

For starters it’s stock, no upgrades/mods, using default fully charged 7.4v battery etc.

When I fire the ACR the gels that come flying out the end are in many tiny pieces (like mist, size of sand).
The gels I’m using are Warinterest Heavier Milkies not the included gels but I tried them too and they do the same thing anyways. Even tried some friends Hornet gels and same.

I’m not able to get a single gel to fire intact all come out the barrel flying in tiny pieces.

Anyone know why this is happening or have any clues? :confused:

What would you do in this situation?

If it’s new take it back to the retailer and get them to check it.
If it’s stock and you’ve tried milkies, something is wrong.


what retailer sold it ?
Lots of people complained about the stock tpiece on J10’s me included mine just fell apart on the first match.

If your in Bris maybe just goto donny brook and ask them to fix it, will prob cost you $20 or so and you’ll get an alloy barrel out of it and will be playing a game in 15 minutes :slight_smile:

The J10 is an easy blaster to work with but i only learnt through trial and error and tonnes and tonnes of you tube academy and asking for help here.
Sounds like the gels are getting nicked or being compressed too much along the inner barrel.


Agreed, easy to work with and cheap to put an alloy barrel and t-piece. Saying that my replacement t-piece starting cracking at the seem after only a short while. I caught it early put araldite on every seem and join. I then tested the stock plastic barrel and t-piece and found it to leak like a sieve and it’d had about 5 magazines put through it. If replacing it I’d consider a 3D printed one with no seems or joins to leak or split.

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The harder milkies and harder gels from WarInterest and Armourtech are not easy to shred so if they’re getting crushed/chopped It can be the t-piece or rather how the nozzle, t-piece and barrel fit/align with each other.
Somtimes it could be the mag pushing too hard and compressing them. Easy way to test that is to tirn the blaster upside down and gravity feed the gels.

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