My blaster isnt firing

so my alpha king 74ms just arrived today and it is not firing. when i half plug the battery in i can here the motor moving but nothing visibly moves. and the battery gets really hot.

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Hi and welcome…

Sounds to me like you better contact the seller … something is not right badluck

Are you sure you have the battery plug the right way around? I have heard of people somehow getting the battery wiring reversed… the motor tries to go backwards and the anti reverser wont let it… smoke and flames time if one persists. go to plug it in and make sure that the red wire and black wire is matching the red and black on the blaster wires… that the wires on the blaster aren’t pinched somewhere ? Make sure the mag terminals are in place and not touching/shorting,

Contact the seller, see what they say… if there is nothing obvious, you might have to send it back


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