My Builds So Far

So I thought I would post the builds I’ve completed so far that I’m selling or are being sold.

Today I have worked on this Custom HK416 for a customer.

Internals are all upgraded with SHS parts

The Handguard is a Remington Defence HK416

Strong nylon stock

The Outer Barrel is a LDT HK outer barrel with a suppressor/ flash hider.


I like that front end, looks schmick.


It’s a bit of the honey Badger look

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That Remington handguard is noice :+1:

Zooming in it looks there’s still a hop up in there, is that the one that comes with the stock blaster?

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That’s my own hop up

It fits into almost any muzzle and outer barrel

GBU love them and buy heaps from me.

The best thing about them is you just super glue the hop up to the outer barrel and when you need to remove you just wobble and it snaps off clean so you can keep reusing it!


Sounds interesting - have you got any images showing the hopup in full?

Probably the best hop up I use so far.


Try out a JUND hop too mate… bloody awesome little bits of kit… if you can find one! :confused:

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Yeh I had something similar but I prefer this as it’s a very slim fit

Do they work with the Wells inner barrel (9mm outer)?

yeh they should!

they slip right onto all of the outers i use or what comes installed on the blaster… I had an issue with the RX AKM-47 blaster inner as the outer barrel was so tight around it had no space to slide into!

So are you selling this one? What does it go for?

The link is up above :arrow_up: the photo is of the old hop up. The new one is a little longer and improved :ok_hand:


Sorry, I meant the blaster in the original post.

Mate I haven’t even worked out a price!

I’ll post the price soon :wink:

Oh right so you designed that hopup. Care to share the specs and details on it @MASTR_BLASTR
Overall dimensions, where’d you get it made, you know all the stuff buyers need to know :+1:

Reckon I could slip those hopups into these barrels?


Ahhhhh now I know why someone needed 4 tracer units in one purchase :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Hey Julian, do you have any specs on the hop ups, sizes, maybe a video of it in action or how it fits in stuff you are building. It might be a winner on a pistol carbine I am completing.


I didn’t design it!

I bought the last remaining stock from the guy who designed it and built it!

Jesus I’m not going to take credit for someone else work :grimacing:

I can tell you all about it boys

I have a couple hundred in stock as they are great! Sure there might be better out there but not as flexible as this bad girl

I asked the guy to build it for me and he said no! So I said build me 300 and he started working on them.

I love them