My Builds So Far

If the pic didnt show search the quoted thread and i made the thread so the pics are at the first posts… Check them out they were almost identical but abit cheaper than that!!

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So these here were designed by a mate of mine who has been building gel blasters for years! Longer than gel blaster shops existed…

Him and his mate bought alloy tubes from one place and sent them to a machine operator to get cut and made into a barrel with a hop up.

These are all hand built too and to get the lines for the hop up it takes ages and has to be done all by hand.

I only use them in complete custom builds and just bought another 30 of them.

They are not cheap to buy and cost heaps to make.

The ones you see on that online store are different as these were designed and made by a couple of guys here in Australia. It’s what the actual guys who made it told me.

The first time I ever saw one used the guy shot it across the street and it cut through the air straight, travelled over 40-50m (no wind)

So guys I’m thinking for my next custom build will have an MK V2 M box inside

Not sure about the magazine…

NOKESKE tan build


Hey guys,
What do you all think about receiver kits?

Was thinking of selling a prebuilt metal wells receiver kit.

Wells receiver, prebuilt cnc gearbox (MK or LDX EX) or cast gearbox (LDX BASIC or Advanced), Special inner barrel with built in hop up, suitable motor to match spring, motor grip.

Each gearbox type could have an FPS rating & rps rating.

Was also thinking it would make it easier for the beginners too…

What’s everyone’s thoughts?

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Would be a good starting point for some builds, I kinda reared a bit when I saw “Well” thou :sweat_smile:

What other metal receivers would you prefer to buy in the kit?

Honestly I prefer the nylon receivers, more of a weight thing for me, and I find them more practical.


The WAT ones are pretty sweet. The G and P ones are a bit lacking in the hardware department, but if you’re building your own kits with it all :thinking:

The metal receivers from iHobby look pretty decent, too.

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CYMA have a good range of recievers, with Wells I don’t know if they have more than 1 type only?


I have only seen the one well metal recever

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Second vote here for the Cyma M4 metal receiver. It’s still an ordinary cast box, but has some nice features like a captive takedown pin.

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Yeh I would like to move on to something simple yet quality and the wells metal receivers are not my thing…

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Hey guys My MK V2M gearboxes are in stock now!

They include free postage too

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So I’m going to build up two blasters with these MK boxes. I’ve got one built and I’m just yet to test the FPS… all I know is that it’s fucking loud my dudes!!

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Put a hollow supressor on it to make it echo more…


Yeh I want to start building my own

If you make it more of a cone inside it makes it even louder down range :laughing:


Always wanted to test a cone inside the suppressor at the end of the hop-up to se if it would improve accuracy by even distribution of air at the end of the barrel. Some rough tests with an AK74U cone appears to provide some improvement

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I had modelled some suppressor cans that with the barrel cut to the right length would have an AKA or Rizer aitting right at the opening of the chamber, since deleted the photos from my phone thou, can’t say I noticed any variance in performance other than changing the audio characteristics, but then I also can’t say I’ve ever had issues with barrel turbulence.

I’d be very careful playing around with mock silencers and have baffle cones lying around the place. Even if they were intended for increasing noise if for some reason the law came knocking that’s some jail time right there.