My Collection is growing

This is my collection so far. Quite an addictive hobby isnt it. LOL

I think the Swift Hawk may be my next one. Or the JM MP5 :wink:


You have a problem m8…

However do you rack and store these.

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ahahahaha oh.

Would you believe they are kept “in a closet” LMAO!

The Vectors are probably my fav’s at the moment, they just feel very solid.


"Leterally “in a closet!”

The 2 vectors have their own hard cases. :slight_smile:

Forgot about the pistols and anti-personnel equipment…

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So is my collection. I know a measly 2 gun but plan is buy one do it up buy the next


Great paint job!

I like the foregrip/torch/laser combo, excellent idea.

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Hey :smiley: awesome blasters!

Just wanted to know where you got the Elcan Spector clone/ how much it was? I have seen online being about $150 from china +shipping.

Couldn’t resist and got the KV v2. It’s a fine blaster!

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tweaks up well too .

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Hiya mate.

I bought the scope from ebay.

It is a very cheapo one.

$12 bucks as I recall.

Just for show really.

Vector looks amazing!

You going to black out/upgrade the AKM?

So much fun to play with. Very reliable. Get yourself a drum mag :slight_smile:

Yes I will eventually get the blackout for the AKM.

I just got the blackout kits for my Glock G18’s.

So will do those first.

I’ve ordered blackout kit for the glock too, plus the metal barrel. If you end up doing it, it’d be awesome to see a few how-to pictures on a glock thread to see how it’s done properly.

Vector number 1 is complete!

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Last weekend I couldnt hold myself back from taking TacEdge’s offer of 30% off.

This arrived today LOL!!!

Also please note that the backing for these most recent pictures is the floor of my padded cell… LMAO!!!


My growing collection. Still waiting for some pre-orders :wink:


Can I come to your house to play :rofl:

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