My current builds

my current builds! been a long time since I posted any on here.!

from right to left is my CYMA v10 which I have not touched internally as it is my most recent purchase. Its nothing special just a nylon handguard, sling attachment points, fat suppressor all from monkee mods. So far very happy with it preforms well and haven’t had any issues.

the next blaster is my old gen9 that was pre upgraded by armoured haven (not to be confused with armoured heaven) which is no longer in business. however I’ve always had issues with messing on this particular blaster so recently I’ve pulled the gear box all apart again and tired the BJX quick gear set so well see how that goes as well as new springs as well as replacing a lot of stripped and old hardware however the build has not largely changed since my last post

next is my old faithful M4ss which although has been pulled apart and rebuild to many times to count performs really well and though countless gens has never seen any gear box upgrades since I built it years ago. in my last post this blaster was long AF however I got the 4 inch handguard for free so its become a QCB blaster that’s been jerry rigged together with tape and zip ties and holes everywhere

(if for whatever reason you want more details on the last 2 blaster check out my FIRST post)

lastly is my pride and joy its an alpha king AK74 with a Russian hexagon tactical forend this took years to make happen and I will be making another post specifically on this blaster after simply because its just to cool to me


Are you still running the stock Fet/Switches/Fire Select in the M4SS?

I know most people binned them pretty quickly and either straight wired them or fitted aftermarket FCU’s.

I still run the stock one and have been very tempted to remove it however it runs great and I only need to pull it apart every now and then but every time I do I have to replace the fet

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I had only ever burnt out one fet through stupid large battery and main spring.

The most usual suspect when the fire modes play up has been the piston switch at the top rear of the gearbox failing.

Used to fit aftermarket switch from JayCar that had a shorter metal tail and stronger pressure switch. This put an end to any fire control/MOSFET issues :+1:

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Nice rigs like it :+1:


Loved my SKD HK416 and M4SS.
Way ahead of their time :ok_hand:


Guess your running 7.4 volt only because as soon as you introduce a 11.1v it usually fries the mofset. Mine had to be hardwired to the fire select which means i have safe and full auto only now, plus added mag prime.

ive always ran 11.1s without a problem

That is surprising because both my brother and my m4ss failed after using 11.1v. Maybe there is a new and improved ones.

must be lucky all my boards I’ve used have worked on 11V however as soon as i open the blaster that board even if i do not touch it dies

i always have a spare now :slight_smile:

The early ones were heat and voltage sensitive

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