My Current kit loadout

Hey guys here is what I havr currently with a HK416 on the way.
SKD M4SS - Standard
Vector - 1.3 spring , oring , alloy barrel, 11.1v battery
J10 ACR - 33cm alloy barrel cnc bearing 18:1 gears 1.3 spring, metal piston, oring, 11.1v battery. Chi hai 37k motor.

With the HK being delayed from the shop I preordered from and another space on the rack trying to figure out whats next. Anyone have any suggestions Internal mods will be minimal after the J10 was a pain but love playing around externally so thinking m4 unless there are any other reliable blasters that I can mod externally.


Could always cut ur rack shorter. Looks like a good collection there.

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Have you thought about joining the army reserve? They pay you and supply all the guns and camo for free :wink:

Yeah but they won’t let you shoot the shit outa your mates :cowboy_hat_face:

Heh yep good point…especially those annoying mates :wink:

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Love the Kriss Vector makeover. Nice work!.
Only thing I hate about that blaster is how the mag sticks out.

I am running drums on it now as I wasn’t a fan of the mags either.

I hate the mag release position, I charge out to plaster my foe only to find I no longer have a mag in the gun !
Then its me who gets plastered :blush:

Take a lesson from these guys…:wink: