My few Blasters

Hey guys,
Nice forms these are a few of my blaster.
Gen 9,Gen 10, SLR build.
Not the last ones thinking of doing a SAW running 13:1 SHS gears


Nice is that third one with the tan butt stock a kublai?

Na its the Gen 9 just has a Kublia front grip

looks pretty good mate

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where did you get the paint?

For the Gen 10 mate it’s just tamiya air brush.

and if it is a gen 9? could i use the same thing?

@Ethwilliams do you mean use the same paint on the Gen 9 then yes

and also where did you find the Kublai front grip or is that just off a ■■■ you had previously

@Ethwilliams The receiver grip is from a Kublia k2, the fishbone is from Monkeyemods…

and it would screw on like anything else without modification?

@Ethwilliams yeah mate it comes with screw on attachment.