My first Aug build won't fire only mag primes

First blaster build aug upgraded spring m100 vector DC 11.1v 36000 motor shs 16:1 gears 11.1v battery full cylinder piston and head alloy barrel it demolished 7 or 8 gels then decides it would only like to mag Prime think I burnt out the mosfet or something dident find this forum till today love the duel mosfet idea just don’t know what to do next to fix the issue

If U wanted more details please just let me know

Had the same issue with my He ACR it mag primes but doesnt fire i suspect its the mofset so one day i will completely rewire it with out the mofset might be a good idea to buy a replacement mofset and see if that fixes it. If it doesnt its still good to have a spare mofset and start looking for where else the problem lies

Thanks was going to grab a couple and duel mosfet it thinking of rewiring it all to handle the 11v better

My wells was doing that, all it was, was one of the terminals on the battery wasn’t connecting properly.

Thanks bro will check that

When you pull the trigger does nothing happen at all? Like motor spins or it tried to shoot but gears are jammed ect

Fired about 7 or 8 shots then stopped only thing I could hear after was the mag trying to feed gels into the t piece

So yeh hearing Nothing in the gearbox

Could also be a loose motor connector


Have you verified the motor works and everything is connected still? Motor connectors ect. (I have a little 9v battery to test all that stuff seperate)

Yes moter works took it in to a local shop to verify the issue it seamed to be mosfet or a connecting cord got new mosfet am about to pull it apart will keep posting on progress

Any advice on what connecters to use aswell and how to install a fuse to protect against burning things out again is my first build but money is not my worry having the not having the best aug is what keeps me up at night

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I’ve yet to need to go that far with any of my blasters so I’m afraid I’m of no help here. One of the others I’m sure has the knowledge though.

Yeh and new mosfet still won’t work I think I might have killed the hair thin wire wanted to re wire it anyway and try the duel mosfet idea

So now it’s just easier to convince the misses it needs to be done :rofl::rofl::rofl: