My first full metal blaster - MK18 Pro Gold

Thought I would show you all my first full metal blaster. It is an MK18 Pro Gold from M4a1 gel blasters online store.

When first opening the box I heard something metal fall out, but luckily I found it

Easy fix with some epoxy. The front receiver bolt also want pushed right in, but again, easy fix.

I found the inner barrel was quite interesting. Inner diameter measured at about 7.4mm but the gold color threw me a bit. I think it’s still alloy? The thing I don’t like is that you can turn the inner barrel by hand so not a good seal with the t piece.

The charge handle and fire select have an amazing feeling, very smooth and feels really strong.

The blaster feels solid in hand with great weight from front to back.

So far I have only put about 1 mag through it, as I’m having issues with my gen8. I used AKA gels grown to about 7.2-7.3mm and it fired really well. Fps is about 290-300 and accuracy was quite good over about 15 metres but that was without a hop up.

One thing that concerned me a bit was the noise it made when firing. Sounded a bit like an impact drill driver so I assume it is hammering quite hard?


I thought this was pretty cool too…

Might come in handy when I pull this thing apart


So what mags does it use ?
Make sure you talk to them about any concerns you have, if they know about it and you have problems later they will look after you, M4a1 have allways been very good to me :+1:


Not sure, haven’t seen one like it before…

Doesn’t look like there is any way to open it up?

And yes, I did raise all my concerns with M4a1 for the exact reason you mentioned :+1:

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Looks good. All these 15% off sales this weekend have been tempting me to grab a full metal blaster but I’m leaning more towards this or the wells MRT

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That looks like a standard p mag.
Most do open but some don’t

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Haha i was also considering this or the well mrt. You have impeccable taste :rofl:

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That’s an excellent exploded view .
The mag is good because it will be easy to get mags anywhere to fit it :+1:
I might go down and have a play with one tomorrow and have a listen to how they sound etc.


Actually Sunday since they are closed tomorrow :disappointed_relieved:

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Yeah I would be very interested to see what you think of the noise it makes. To me, I didn’t notice much of a difference in sound between dry firing and firing gels. There is a chance that my gels are a bit smaller than I first thought, so I might do some more testing this weekend if I get a chance.

Btw, I don’t dry fire on purpose, it just doesn’t have a mag prime.

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I don’t have mag prime on anything, just fill the tube on the mag with your speed loader then you won’t get hardly any dry fires


Haha. That’s exactly what I do

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The LDT Tracer mags fit also, but I haven’t tired firing with them yet. The mags that come standard with the JJ SLR CQB ( don’t know what they are called?) Do not fit.

Don’t be afraid to get you gels up to 7.4 or 7.5mm and give them a go aswell, you really want to hear a difference from a dry fire .
It is probably the o ring, I can not understand why the manufacturers put such shit under size o rings in stock blasters :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yeah the slr is like the gen 9

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It should fit all gen8 style and p mag

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Yeah no worries. Just got some WI reds. Might try then at 7.4 to 7.5mm

What’s the best way to grow the reds? I thought I read that you said to use hot water, I assume that means hot tap water? I usually use cold, filtered water.

All for the sack of saving 5 cents per blaster. Really doesn’t make sense does it :rage:

I only use hot tap water if I want them to grow quick or larger than normal otherwise just normal temp tap water


Ok. Thanks. So you don’t bother with filtered tap water, like from a PuraTap?