My first gell blaster

Hi Everyone!

I am new here here. I am even newer to gell blasters.
I have just made my first purchase of a gell blaster off ebay after my room mate has been tormenting me with his haha

I did a little more than just buy the gell blaster, I bought the upgrades what I could find useful.

Now the gell blaster that I bought was the Jimming M4 A1 Gen8

The following is what I have bought along with prices if it helps anyone else out with an idea of what it has cost me on a budget.

Jimming M4 A1 Gen8 $135 - came with Nylon receiver and Nylon gearbox.
11.1V 470 motor $22
Double electric drum magazing clip $29
11.1V Lip 1800mAH battery $17
1.3mm xtac spring $11
1.4mm spring $3
1.5mm spring $3
T-piece alloy barrel, hopup, oring and another 1.3mm for $13

can you all please recommend what I should buy next?
I feel like if I use that 470 motor then the nylon gears are going to wear away or explode pretty quick.
if someone who has experience can please tell me what I should add to my buy list so that I can get this puppy working like a beast that would be so appreciated.



Could get some metal gears. Don’t put that 1.5 spring in it. Mate, better get yourself a back up blaster. That’s a lot of work for your first blaster


The 1.3mm spring should be the best with nylon gears… once you get metal gears and a better motor than stock, the 1.4mm maybe… but 1.5mm is out of the question in my opinion…:+1:


As a fellow newbie, that has stripped my unit down twice, it’s fun, but time consuming. I saw a video on YT during the week of a unit that looked great[(on Low Guidos channel]( of an AK105, especially for a beginner, not wanting to fiddle with their toy.

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No worries mate, I don’t think I’ll put that 1.5mm spring in unless the whole thing was made of metal lol

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What would happen if a 1.5mm was put in?
I’m not sure I have seen one in action.
I will keep it at 1.3 or 1.4 at the most for the time being.

Haha thanks for that.
All my upgrades are still in the post.
Have been messing around with the blaster for the past few days, so much fun.
Can’t wait to see what I can do to it.

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The two possibilities that spring to mind, if you put a 1.5mm spring in a stock blaster, is the motor wont be able to cycle the gearbox and if you hold the trigger on… smoke will come out… or, it will strip the gears, which happened to my stock Gen 9 when I tried to run an 11.1v battery…loser

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Thanks all for the tips and helpful advise. Parts are still in the mail. Should be an interesting build.

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