My first post not sure how I'll go

G’day this is my first post


Wow nice way to make an entrance. Welcome aboard! Your blasters look great.

Damn show off :rofl::joy:
Love your armoury mate :+1:

Cheers fellas thanks for the welcome

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And the cute little doggies paws :+1:
What sight is that on the Blitz ?
Does your dust cover allways pop open too ?

Welcome, Nice bit of kit you have there mate,

That’s a trijicon mro i picked them up from tac edge

Yeah the dust cover clip not the best on the blitz

Looking forward to finding out what’s in them :+1:

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Nice collection bro!!
What is the one in the bottom left??

M1911 hopper fed pistol

Dang… i meant right :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :sweat_smile:

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I was about to ask you if you were blind :rofl:


skeletonized slr with cnc gbox. mk or retroarms?

That’s my SLR skeleton

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Retroarms split v2 titan mosfet

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i like the ultrasuperduperfantastico blue framed safety glasses posed in the shot


Lol after spending all that cash there was nothing left to get glasses :rofl:


My kids chucked them in I have my own

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