My gel blaster isn't feeding

Im having problems with my kriss vector,
So it shoots for awhile and then just stops its primed and the gels go up to the bottom of the barrel and you can hear the piston working,
I have All ready done a rebuild of the gearbox and that fixed it for awhile but now its happening again i also bought it second hand a few days ago and its my first blaster so any help would be great.
Thanks Oliver

What gels are you using

What mods / upgrades have you done?

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I dont know the exact mods but i do know there are some metal upgrades like the gears in it i also am using hardend milky wights and oranges.

Ok…first up your testing really needs consistent test items…single size gels. Single product.

Feed issues on the vector are very rare.

Do you know your gear ratio?

If you were to look into the mag cavity, do you see gels collecting in the bottom of the casing?

I think my gear ratio is 18.1 but im not completely sure, the gels seem to get stuck were the mag connects to the barrel, the gels go up out of the mag but the blaster just dry fires. When it gets stuck (or what ever the problem is) you can take the mag out then pull the trigger and the gels just fall out of the barrel connector.

It could also be gels getting jammed in the barrel, use a wooden or plastic skewer to clean them out and try again.
Also a lot of the aftermarket t pieces give feed issues

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are your mag terminals backwards?

wouldn’t feed at all if they were. i do this far too often

Thanks for all the replys, i think they are getting stuck in the t piece of the barrel do you guys need a video?


Capture the ones that fall out, try not to break them

Then measure them

It’s likely you’ll have a 7.6+ gel

Vector fees issues are most commonly bad gels

You are getting soft in your old age Hamish? You mean, measure the welts on your victims to see what size gel they got hit with?noidea laughing%20(1)

You can also buy one of these for $9… the metal brush is brass and 6.35mm, so it wont bite into an alloy gel blaster barrel (on the change of direction) … the soft wad ones are extremely gentle. They can clean mag feed tubes, pe poked up the T piece thru the mag well or down the barrel… just do it gently eye%20boggling rofl

Or even this…

Good for vector or just mag tubes and up the T piece thru the mag well:+1:

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Gels must first pew pew to cause the welts

His issue is that he’s cannon fodder for us because we can pew pew and he can’t…

Oh wait…why are we helping him :thinking:


Ok so the gels im using are around 8mm,
My problem is the inconsistency of the blaster so im going to take it back apart and clean the barrel ect… ill give you guys a vid anyway

this is were they get stuck

There the gels

Unless you have an 8mm id barrel, then your balls are too big drama laughing%20(1)

You need the gels to be a tad smaller than the barrel id… so if your barrel is 7.5mm, your gels need to be 7.4 ish mm…

Use good gels, like the red packet milkies and measure a sample of each batch… if they get to be over your barrel size (id) you will need to stop them growing early.:+1:

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So what type of gels do you recommend? Im new to all this

This is the question isn’t it…

Go with calcifer’s recommendation above but be aware that between batches and over time quality varies so next month, the red bag Millie’s (warinterest?) May not actually be that great and you might have to use some other type

What you are looking for to make the informed assessment is the average diameter of the gels at hand. They need to suit your barrel.

So in the case of a stick vector barrel, that’s 7.3-7.5 mm gels

8 as you’re acutely aware now are way too large and 6, whilst they will feed and shoot will have serious performance issues

There’s a sweet spot to it all

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And have a selection of barrels… most blasters can have a barrel change in a minute or so… so try and grade the gels into groups and use the appropriate barrel… I know… a PITA… but at least your gels will splat on your victim… not in the T piece :money_mouth_face::+1::rofl:

thats cruel…telling someone to change a vector barrel


it is possible with practice to do this in under 5 minutes…and i did say PRACTICE…

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