My gels are splattering in my barrel

I have just replaced my spring, pushrod, where it compressed the air and the barrell and I am getting hell’s splatter in my barrell just wondering if it has anything to do with my barrell being to long or feeding two gels at once let me know what you’s think

Hey mate

Are you able to post some pictures of what youve done?

Could be a possibility that your piston head is vacuuming.

What blaster have you got?

Check your t-piece for any obstructions. I once had a minute shard of plastic protruding from T-piece to barrel which was demolishing all the gels. It randomly came up, also needed a magnifying glass to see it. Scraped out and was 100%. Might not be it, something to check. Good luck.


check your t piece, barrel and hopup and all tightly fitted together. any gap between these will catch the gel and pop it.