My Glock chronos about 1,250 FPS

Although it is a real one… a G34 Long Slide… :grin:

I am a licensed pistol shooter and shoot most thursdays at the Deception Bay SSAA pistol range… if anyone wants to come along and have a shot or 10 of an actual Glock 9mm, contact me and we can organise you to come along.

All you need is to have photo ID, fill out a ‘form 33’ … have enclosed shoes. Eye and ear protection is supplied… although it is not advisable to have the gun near your ear?

Someone tell this guy! :woozy_face:

Any questions about Glocks, feel free to ask…


It is an indoor/outdoor 25m range with video screen for each target… so you can see if you hit it :grin: :cowboy_hat_face:

For those with limp wrists, I also take a Walther P22

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@Calcifer Hey mate I saw somewhere you just bought one of those new chrono’s that someone put a link on this forum. Did you have any luck getting yours to work? I can only get the ROF to work and not the FPS. Also did you have to put in a joule amount?
Thanks mate.

Yes, mine arrived… I haven’t had time to play with it yet, I have only charged it up and turned it on to see if it turns on, which it does. I got this one…

I’m not game to try shooting the G34 thru it :rofl: If I am a little off, might have trouble finding the pieces

Lol yeah not recommended. That’s the one I got, it came fully charged.

BTW wish I lived closer to you, I would love to take up your offer of the Glock.

Yes, a shame no one around the Sunshine Coast is interested. I also have several revolvers in .44 and .45… many are cap and ball black powder… that is awesome fun.

I shoot Cowboy Action, so have a pair of Ruger Vaquaros in 44 mag, to match the 44 mag 23" Marlin lever I use in competitions… have all the holsters and things… Much fun :cowboy_hat_face:


I’, trying to find a drooling emoji, well Townsville isn’t that far from the Gold coast :drooling_face::drooling_face:

Cowboy action shooting, very good ! Tried a bit of this myself at a range years ago, but dont have any license or real units. I do have some Denix replicas that can fire toy cap gun caps, yeah ! Gel blasters are a bit more fun than these though.

I am on the Sunshine Coast, near Australia Zoo and Aussie World… Next time you have holidays, should come down and do a bunch of things, including having a shot…:sunglasses:


That last pic reminds me of being a teenager mates old man had nice collection of old hand guns and rifles it’s nice to see these sorts of things being used and not locked away to be forgotten :+1:

I’m looking at getting my handgun licence (for Victoria) when I return home in December. From what I’ve read, it looks like a fairly straightforward (albeit lengthy and thorough) process. It’s funny: for the price of some high-end blasters, I’ve seen second-hand Glock and H&K pistols for only slightly more! Plus, you don’t need to upgrade the gears and motors in them, either!

I’d definitely take up your offer… sadly, like @Maystro, in nowhere near you or the Range.

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I’m not picky, they were all great

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This is an older post but I’d love to come down to sunny coast for a day out shooting :+1:
Keen as…

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email me at

madmuz007 (at) hot mail (dot) com :+1:

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The range officer who normally runs the range on thursdays, has changed jobs… so it looks like we will be sho0oting tuesdays instead of thursdays…shoot

I don’t have photo but I used to live on the sunny coast and I owned an uberti and cardone cattleman revolver in 44-40 cal. I miss it so much. I also played cowboys and… well trees and paper targets, a fat phone book one time😮. I got my quick draw quite fast and accurate, soooooo much fun.


Yeah, Cowboy Action Shooting is great fun. I either use a pair of 44 mag ruger Vaquaros or stainless 44 cap and ball Ruger Old Armies… plus a hammered Rossie coach g*n and a 23" Marlin also in 44 mag :+1:

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I wonder if it would be fun to get two gel revolvers and have a non-lethal duel🤔

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