My HK416D and Metal CQB

Having to work from home so figured i’d get around to making a post

Stock internals - have plans for it once the stock parts go
Geissele 10.5" handguard with M-Lok rails
Stubby fore grip
Laser / Flash light combination - zip tie to secure pressure pad on otherside of handguard
558 EOTech sight

Firing around 270-280FPS with AKA gels

Wells Metal CQB
1.28 Spring
OLight PL-2 Valkyrie

Firing around 280-290FPS

Keeping an eye out for a pistol, the new gas pistols shown by azrael and tacedge look amazing but also wanting to wait for the baba yaga 1911.



Tight! Good to see isolation pit to use!


Good use of forced isolation… get those blasters in shape so you can defend your home when the hordes come to steal your bog roll and two minute noodles. :joy:

Mark my words, we’ll be having another baby boom in about 9 months time… :joy:


Looks great! Where did you pick up your giesselle from? And the mag?

Thanks mate. Got the handguard from big boss tactical in WA. Seem to be the only place in Aus that I could find or monkeemod. The mag I picked up from command elite

Would you suggest buying from monkeymod, at all?

never bought from them myself, but have seen a few people on here who seem to buy from them regularly. heard there can be some problems with things like receivers coming in due to customs

I have bought quite a lot of stuff from Monkee mods and have never had problems, that being said I would not risk importing a metal receiver

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Alright thanks for that, i was just thinking of getting a front grip and a reciver grip