My J9 M4a1 sweet and simple

My Trusty J9
was my first blaster and its the one that sees the most use.
Shes far from stock now though.
I added:
alloy barrel
1.28 unequal spring
new plunger
metal nozzle
picitini rail and foregrip
metal magazine release button
11.1v battery
gen8 drum mag (took some work to fit)
New rubber backed butt stock

Shes shooting quite nice and is my gateway to this hobby.
i hope you all get to see/feel her one day too :wink:


simple and clean is usually the best, expecially when it comes to looks

curious tho, what mag release is that O_O?

can’t remember the name. I stripped the stock plastic one so this one’s full metal. it’s got a blue release paddle on other side. it’s meant to suit the gen 9 but was a heck of work getting it to fit. funnily it’s prob the hardest mod so far

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thanks for the heads up :sweat_smile:
been looking at some metal parts, good to know in advance some might need some trimming and such to fit

as i usually assume if it says it’s for “X model” and/or it look about the same shape it should fit no prob lol