My Kriss Vector V2 and G18

Hey all!
Here’s a few pics of my murder black Vector with it’s little side-kick Glock 18. Looking forward to some events.


Hey mate. I got a Vector V2 a couple of weeks ago & had an issue with it getting stuck on full auto fire. It only happened about 4 or 5 times but i took it back to the shop & they currently have it for repair under warranty. Apparently it could be a faulty fire selector switch. I’m also getting them to fit upgraded orings and an alloy barrel while its apart.Have you or anyone else heard of this issue? Also like ya rails & barrel where did ya get em’ ?

Yeah I just had a fault recently with my Vector V2 as well. Turned out it was the moutherboard that was causing it. Everytime I pulled the trigger it would mag prime instead. @BigWeetBix just wrote up a DIY in the Vector section. Good luck

looks good i have the same handguard but the top rail doesnt line up flush like yours does

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Awesome build! What scope/red dot do you use?