My little collection so far

LTD HK416D - stock and reliable.

JM M4A1 Gen 9 - pretty damn modified and unreliable (first go at modding and ironing out the bugs).

Any one else running a Gen 9 that is mostly aftermarket parts?

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Yeah mate, i’ve got three Gen 9’s and I always open them up to weed out any factory faults. There can also be some significant FPS differences between factory unmodified when getting them out of the box and chucking them on the chrono. All my upgrades are internal and so far Im very happy with reliability and performance.

What kind of issues have you had?

Nice toys you got there BTW

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Hey mate, just done full internal upgrades -

  • stainless cylinder
  • stainless cylinder head
  • 18:1 metal gears shimmed nicely
  • green oring
  • wiring upgrade
  • 1.3 spring
  • ball bearings
  • 40cm game master tight bore stainless barrel with 2 layers of heat shrink around it to fit snugly in the outher barrel.

External/cosmetic -

  • 23cm metal fishbone
  • metal outer barrel (press interference fitted to T piece locator)
  • metal buffer tube
  • different butt stock (custom pin to make it work)
  • red dot scope.

Im sure i missed some of the mods. But those are the main ones.

Just having issues with gels not loading properly and then 2 or 3 coming out together with not much force.

I think i need a better tappet return spring and a sector delay chip.

I added a mosfet, but it went up in smoke after 30 seconds. Was a cheap pico ssr3, so will replace with a decent one like the nano-hard.

Ah noice blasters bro

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Sorry Mr @ThatGuy, I did reply before but the message has dissapeared, its gone.

Anyway i’m glad in a way because I wrote way too much. Heres the quick version-

If you have a high rate of fire (rounds per a second) you may need that sector delay, which will in turn, have an effect on your tappet, then nozle then gel ball. So i guess the last question is, are you sporting a 11.1v Lipo and high speed motor?

Hey thanks for the response. I am running an 11.1v and what i was sold as a hi torque motor, which i have discovered is a hi speed motor, so hes my RPS have increased. I wanted hi torque with low RPM to allow me to pull the spring back easy as i intended to run a 1.5. Nevertheless, i will need to to the sector delay chip and stronger tappet return spring.

chi Hai or SHS have good motors for your needs. and you will need high torque metal gear set something like 12:1 or 13:1 again shs gears are great value for price

Wouldn’t those be hi speed gear sets being closer to 1:1? 18:1 would provide much more torque. I think id just go to a 32:1 set to work nicely with the motor i have. I filed the last notch on my ladder tooth down and the timing of the gun is fine as it sits now, and fires consistently.

sorry my bad I meant to say I’ve got 12:1 bit for torque 32:1 are good