My m24. Its finaly here!

After a week of biting my nails shes now in my arms. Still biting my nails for the metal kit to get here

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Nice. Good one. Now the mods begin

Damn right cant wait for my package to turn up

Hiya Sam.
Where did you buy it from?

Tactoys in darra qld. Not bad for 125 @IronSpear

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nice one bro. I was looking at getting one how’s it perform out the box?

Its decent as a stock piece pushing only around 160 fps. Accuracy is alright. If anyone plans to buy one they best get the metal upgrade, an alloy barrel and look for a custom made 12mm spring at around 1.3. And on top of that give it a paintjob cos the moulding marks dont look so great. @Mr.milkman

Ive got a seperate post for the progress of painting and weighting the main body. Took me 3 weekends to paint and upgrade it to wherr it is atm just waiting on some springs that matth1000 suggested to me

nice work on the paint job looks much better than stock