My modified well m401

Hi everyone.
Been reading for forum for a bit, it’s a great source of info for someone new to this awesome sport.

This is my well m401 modified with a bit still to go.

It has
MI 12 inch metal SLR style hand guard.
35cm metal outer barrel.
Metal adapter in the standard clear receiver.
40cm inner barrel (7.5 id, had dramas with warm balls expanding in the head and busting in my 7.1 I’d barrel)
Metal shs 18:1 gears.
7mm bearings.
100% cylinder
Metal piston with green oring.
Metal cylinder head with metal nozzle.
Stock motor
EBay red dot sight.
Stubby fore grip with mlok rail attachment.
3d printed quick change mag attachment.
Metal rizer hop up.
Runs 11v batteries.

Currently installing
Red metal willow trigger
Perun v2 optical mosfet
Change to deans plugs

Don’t have a chrono, next time I’m out at Donnybrook I’ll use theirs to see what it’s shooting at. Has been a nice accurate blaster though with no real issues :blush:



Probably can’t call it a wells any more.
After breaking the gearbox I opted for a mk v2 to put the pretty internals into.
This then also needed something nice and metal to go into, so I picked up a metal receiver.
Unfortunately the stock wells buffer tube won’t work on this so a new alloy buffer tube was thrown into the mix as well :joy:

My wallet is sad, but I’ll be so happy blasting this weekend.


It’s still a wells of you kept the original plastic bolt catch it the from iron sight

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Huh?? noidea Can you add some punch-u-ation punch or some sense to that? :rofl:

I know it is late…:money_mouth_face:


Hahahaha I had to read it 3-4 times before I could make out what he was trying to say too.

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Stupid fkn keyboard

It’s been driving me nuts as of late


Lol nuts driving keyboard stupid late fun of as it’s :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It’s gotta be tops for others trying to decipher which random words aren’t like the other ones

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Well (yep, I’m clever like that :joy:) the next stage of my blaster has been done :blush:.

No more wells receiver, swapped with a blank @ir$0f+ Asia receiver. The broken well gearbox case has been replaced with a schmexy mk v2 gearbox casing leaving the only parts that are still wells being the grip, the butt stock, mags and the motor.

Completed blaster

Quick peek at the gearbox

Another quick peek at all that shiny CNC alloy


Anybody know where i can buy this well adaptor?
please share me a link if u guys know…

I picked mine up from tac edge but it looks like they are all out.

Found a couple left here