My new metal M4

This butt stock has been a pain to get right because of miss alignment issues but its all assembled now and my blaster is still shooting at shy of 400 fps.
You got to admit you don’t want to be on the red team if I rock up and I’m on the blue team :sweat_smile:


That looks the tits bro :+1:
But I’d be on the Red team np :skull_and_crossbones:

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Of course you would, the only person I’m scared of not being on my team. The guy that can hit your lips at 1000 paces :grinning:

Lol , I have to be able to !
100kg , bad back, sore foot and 53yo I ain’t running around doing back flips and shit like you do :rofl:


Nice stock :slight_smile: love it!

Ok, not bad. So what is the rear mag used for ? Battery pack ?

Yeah I saw this guy I know who had it…thanks mate :laughing:

Yeah you must be an ideas man too :face_with_monocle:
I want to gut a mag and hopefully I can fit this 4S battery in it. I’m not use to having a blaster for so long with out something breaking so I think I have to step it up a level :sweat_smile:
It’s the thinnest 4S battery I could find which may fit inside a mag.


Make your own 4s battery.
You can fit 4x 18650 batteries in a mag. And a battery protection board too.
The 4th one either has to go at an angle, or you can make the mag a bit wider at the bottom so it has a “grip”, or a pimple out the bottom. (@Calcifer don’t. Just don’t🤣)
And that’s on a stubby mag. Full length you have a million more options including just cutting it to the right length you need.

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:open_mouth: that looks freakin sick , what pistol grip/stock is that?

@Arty_Marty Thanks yeah that would be a great idea if I was electrically minded which I am definitely not, mechanical minded yep. My wife has placed a house ban on me tampering with Lipo’s after burning the table, floor boards and taking 3 months to get my finger prints back after the last episode.
I haven’t pulled a mag apart yet. Is there enough width space for a 21.4 mm battery?

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Here is a link. It’s a lancer Tactical Apha Stock.
It costs about $100 bucks delivered.

You will need a 3 mm spacer. I have ordered 3 and not happy with any so I am going to make my own out of a piece of flat bar aluminium.

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it can be greater with some upgrades like bipod