My P90. Surprising little monster

Completely rebuilt. 18:1 cnc gears. 7.3 id barrel. Full rewire. New higher amp safety and trigger switch. 1.2 m4a1 spring. Still running stock motor though… :joy:. Using 11.1v and hitting 270-280 right now (id taken 2 coils off the spring for a jamming issue that’s no longer an issue. Will put a proper spring in at some point. Maybe when I put in a new motor). The harness/sling was also made by me.

Seriously looking forward to playing a bit of a cqb game with it. Even with a hop up it’s shooting only about 20-30m. Currently waiting on finding a t1 micro red dot I can afford though. Already have a riser on its way. Next step might be a paint job.


Words don’t describe how fun these are. Are you running standard cylinder? I dropped mind to a 60% cylinder out of a vector. Did wonders for accuracy with no drop to FPS.

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I did try the 60% cylinder I took out of my aug. but it dropped range to about 15m max and the fps to about 200… it was super accurate. But just didn’t have the gusto I wanted unfortunately. I kept the full cylinder also partly cause it has too much ratio making it a little inaccurate which is what I want for my cqb blaster. I don’t need a laser beam for those ranges.

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My p90 will always be my backup but i have used it as my primary and it does a great job and you can beat its compact size. Although its ideal for cqb my primary cqb blaster is a qbz95 only because it can use a high cap drum mag

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