My Project...Fingers Crossed I'm Not A Potato

So I wasn’t going to be saying much to anyone until I work out if I can even do it, but I’ve been happy with my progress so far.

I am expecting my CR-10S Pro V2 in the coming weeks which a as purchased to help with this hobby/obsession/addiction/whatever.

I have never done 3d modelling, hell I can’t even draw a good stick figure.

The plan:
Completely custom 1:1 Vietnam era M60…

Will use a fully modified Gen8 Singularity box with no expense spared on internals. I didn’t want to go Gen9 due to the motor connection, even though there are much better and metal boxes out there.

It is being created in half, and many parts so it fits on the bed:

Barrel, handguard left and right, grip, receiver left and right, cover, buttstock left and right, shoulder rest, ammo box mount, rear sight, ammo box, grip left and right, bipod left and right.
In total will be just over 1.1m long.

Here is the 1:1 plan on paper pieces fitted together:

The rear sight and bipod will be able to adjust (including the slider on the sight), the shoulder rest pivots up, the cover will open (you’ll notice a gap on my drawing where I am trying to work out how I want to be able to clip the cover at the rear - WIP), and the ammo box will be separate.

When you open the cover, it will have quick access to the battery, which will be a high capacity 11.1V, and the spring for quick change.

The box will hold around 5000 gels im thinking, and will run a flexible tube/contacts (which will be able to clip on and off for box change) which will be disguised as a 7.62 disintegrating link belt. I have actual 7.62 disintegrating belt links and will print as many individual ■■■■■■■ as needed for the length needed.
I am doing it this way for one main reason. Mainly, unlike the SAW the M60 mounts to the side, or was fed via belt so it would require a top fed box which I don’t particularly want to try.

This will not be for running around with, though no reason I couldn’t create a backpack mounted ammo box if I wanted.

I am using Fusion 360, and right now, YouTube is my friend. A lot of frustration and swearing has gone into the progress so far, and I’m sure someone who knows how to model will just laugh at me!

So far, I have created the left and right sides of the receiver, left and right sides of the buttstock, cover, the shoulder rest, and the ammo box guard.
The front part of the trigger guard is also there but I haven’t gotten the rest finished yet.
I have no bothered with the gearbox mounts yet, nor most of the screw points. By the way, I will be fitting brass screw inserts on the female side when done.

Once done, I will print it all out in PLA, glue it together so I can see how it looks and what needs improving resizing, etc.
Once completed, I will be printing the final out in a Nylon/Carbon Fiber composite.

Will this be the best custom out there? No (I mean I wish I could confidently say yes haha). But it is different, and it will be mine. For its goods and bads.

The bare receiver:

The full progress so far together:

And those parts exploded:


I will watching this space with great enthusiasm… and raging jealousy haha :sweat_smile:
Karl: “Hell, I can’t even draw a good stick figure”
Also Karl: <pumps out wicked 3D M60 model>


hopefully you can get a 1911 gbb to go with it soon.


Can’t wait to see this getting build!
With the mil spec 1911 releasing soon it would be a dope combo to bring to a game


Good one !!, with 3d printing make sure you build in about 0.2 space between mating surfaces in your design. Nylon carbon is really hard on your nozzles too so swap out to a stainless or something designed for carbon and go to a 0.6 so you don’t get clogs.

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Good to know…on my initial design I have mated everything together so that I can work out exact tolerances in my printer when I get it.
I know that some printers tolerances are different than others so wanted to start with a baseline first.
Taking 0.2 or so off the edges will only take a couple minutes per section anyway.

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Got a fair bit done today on my day off…

Barrel is done and im very happy with it, left enough room in the tip for a DK hopup with ability to tune it through the gaps.
Got the handguard done…not as happy with the shape of the grip itself, but I redid it too many times. Maybe one day I will try again when I’m better and can always update it.
Also stuffed up the cover hinge which was an easy fix.
I was really happy with the handguard cover though.

Next is the bipod, ammo box, rear sight/slider, and then the part im dreading…the grip.

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you know in fusion you can capture the image, so you don’t have to take photos.
File - capture image. Tell me to eff off though if you already knew


Haha I did see a Tool tip saying something about it…

Very soon.

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Basics are done.

Yes I know now about the rendering thing but it asked for credits… photo is easier!
My printer arrives in the next week or so…obviously I will have to make sure I get it set up so this won’t be touched for a while so I don’t waste shit loads of filament.
Then I will be able to check screw points, gearbox mounts, etc.

I have worked out my plans for the drum…im going to make an insert for a real 7.62 ammo crate and feed directly out of that…should hold about 20k gels.


Looking awesome bro! Great work, definitely something to be proud of.

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Looking great ! Dont worry you will waste lots of filament with 3d printers … and select local render instead of cloud render ( no credits needed)

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Might as well show progress so far…

To start with I am just printing a very rough prototype.
10% infill so its weak and light.
Im not even worrying about cleaning off remanents of the supports or anything for now.

Once it’s done, I will be able to work out screw points, gearbox mounts, etc.

The only concern I’ve got from looking at it is that, making it to 1:1 ratio, I wasnt considering actual size of a gearbox…I won’t know until its finished, but I’m thinking I will have to use a P90 box instead of a normal gen8.


Hows the project going man?

Slowly haha.
I’ve been so flat out.
After this last print the bloody bed screws worked themselves loose so I have to relevel them.
I think it’s a Saturday job.

I am taking notes about my prototype and finding what needs to be sorted.
So far I have noticed clearances, an issue where the lower barrel slot is not a circle which is odd, slight misalignment, etc.
But hey, that’s the point of the prototype!
The vented handguard cover, rear sight, and one of the bipod arms are also done but forgot to get a photo yet.

Also, the barrel assembly was sliced in the incorrect way so didn’t fit the bed, so i have to rotate that and reslice.


Looking good! These projects take ridiculous amounts of time and energy hey!

Just thought I would post the handguard cover and bipod leg I mentioned.
I am really happy with the shape of how these both came out.


Looking good mate👍 defiantly watching this thread.

So I’ve REALLY roughly put it together.
Made some notes of what needs to be fixed and how to do it.
Actually now considering an inline Gen8 box (ie EBR box) OR spend up and get a RetroArms CNC M60 box…