My SAW the EYE Saw

My SAW is the Pussy Edition…

No, no… not that I am a pussy… and I am not suggesting people with SAWs are Pussys… laughing (1)

This one is for when ‘she who must be obeyed’ claims she has a sore pussy images (36) … I can honestly say…

“I have something that might help with that?” Gasp

Checking the dart after firing a few rounds into it is my favorite part koolaid lick first

For her, it is (obviously) a site for SAW eyes (If I miss) OMGFFS

Laugh til cry


Nice to see some artistic impressions on here.

I made this for a friends birthday. She loved it.

Obviously, his name is Super Tampon

Poseable arms and everything… Hehe


Do you light the fuses first or after…

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