My xmas day project

So just sent abit of time modding my Alpha King AK74MS to something about 1985 in looks by adding a timber handguard set and an RX Ak47 body cover, original sling and canvas cover.

Got the after market orange poly mag and stained it to better match the real poly mags.

Haven’t got inside it yet as this is officially my first day of ownership.

Not everyone’s cup of tea for looks but a close match for one l saw a few years ago and l like it.


Very nice, makes my stock one look a little sad :disappointed:

I dunno…I kinda like the post apocalyptic fusion look

Nice work :+1: looks fantastic now it just needs a little more weathering or battle scars

Early days yet.

I’ll have a play at weathering the nylon barrel and sight at some time soon.

I really like the finish on the poly mag and the early folding butt.

I have a real AKM Timber butt l was going to fit up, but could not bring myself to start the cutting to make it fit. The hand guards are not to bad to do and there is a good vid on youtube as a guide if you can find the original bits.

I do regret using the Alpha king 74MS model because it’s barrel lenght is not true to type as there really is no MS model of the real thing.

It either an AKS74U for a shorty or the AK74/74M in the normal barrel length.

Oh wow, this looks dead on almost exactly to what my blaster looks like minus the stain on the mags

Great work