My Young Family

Hi everyone…I just recently joined here and am really enjoying the huge amount of technical knowledge to help me through.
I bought my basic pistol and rifle for a display piece in my gaming room, with no intention on even test firing it.
One thing led to another and now I have dumped more money than I expected…and its only young!

Desert Eagle mag-fed.
No mods except for painting most of the orange.
No accessories.
Only keep one mag for it as I am not expecting to ever actually need it.

Primary Rifle
JinMing Gen9 M4A1

  • Accessories -
    Noveske Spitfire flash hider
    Rizer hopup
    Vastfire torch/laser with pressure switch (mounted in foregrip)
    Tan collapsible nylon foregrip (I have no intention on removing the tape, I like the look)
    Metal handguard with 4 Picatinny rails
    Tan mags (6x)
    Metal receiver bolt
    Metal mag release
    Metal fire mode selector
    Metal trigger
    Tan G27 V2 grip (not pictured)
    Tan Trijicon ACOG scope (f’n awesome quality scope)
    Tan FAB nylon buttstock with adjustable cheek riser and easy battery access
    Tan single point harness

  • Mods -
    FB carbon steel gears (16:1)
    FB shims
    7.1mm tight bore aluminium barrel
    Green O-rings
    11.1V LiPo batteries
    1.3 equal spring
    Dual seal brass cylinder head & nozzle
    SHS 14T, double o-ring nylon plunger
    FB metal anti-reverse
    FB annodized alloy cylinder (purple)
    24000rpm High-Torque Gold motor
    Stainless hardened return spring
    FB spring retainer/guide
    Stainless hardened charge handle spring

Chrono’d at avg 320FPS

ZeHua M249 Minimi v3

  • Accessories -
    Vipertac heavy duty stock (not pictured)
    EOTech 551 Holographic (i’ve seen some discussion on holos…this one is great)
    Accutac SR-5 QD V9 bipod
    Standard torch, laser, and foregrip (will be replaced very shortly)

  • Mods -
    SHS carbon steel gears (16:1)
    Upgraded nylon gearbox
    Upgraded nylon tappet
    Metal trigger
    Green O-Ring
    Stainless hardened return spring
    7.0mm aluminium tightbore barrel
    Upgraded 10A wiring harness and switch
    M spring
    FB metal spring retainer/guide
    11.1v LiPo battery
    High-speed/High-Torque motor (forgot the rpm)
    SHS 14T, double o-ring nylon plunger
    Polished steel cylinder
    Dual seal brass cylinder head & nozzle
    FB bearings
    FB shims

Chrono’d at avg 350FPS

Spare Rifle
Wells M4 v2

  • Accessories -
    Mags x7
    Hopup (adjustable on the fly)
    No scope mounted but have a flip-down 3x on order and will fit with another 551 holo

No mods
This is my stocker for days when something goes inevitably wrong with my modified blasters.
According to Low Guido it should be good for around 280FPS…I will upgrade the cylinder, spring, plunger, and nozzle and call it a day.

Still need to buy a CQB rifle, but I am waiting on a GOOD MP5 to build to a SOPMOD style.


F me, you’ve gone all out for a newby!!!
Well done!
It’s a bloody addiction you’ll never regret.
Get out there and play a few skirmishes.
Then you’ll know addiction! :sunglasses:


I’ve done the work myself too using Low Guido for the most part…just enjoy the challenge!
I’m in about $500 for tac-kit, $1000 for the Gen9, $794 for the Minimi, and bought the Wells off my mate brand new, never fired for $100 after he won it in a raffle at Donnybrook.

We have done two days so far, went far better the second time.
I had bought the tac-kit, deagle, and gen9 before even my first day, and my wife suggested I hold back a little until after I had at least played one game haha.

Oh yeah, I have also just bought the M26 grenades…from the reviews/comparisons I know they aren’t as powerful as some of the others, but they just look right!


what’s the “tac-kit”?

Just referring to what I wear/etc.

Yakeda plate carrier
FAST helmet
Camelbak 2L hydration kit
Tan armored gloves (trigger finger cut off)
Drop-leg pistol holster
36" 3- rifle bag
Bolle glasses
Blundstone lace up boots
M26 grenades
Tac belt
Extra mag pouches

Still to buy UHF with throat mic, knife, grenade carrier, more.

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Where did you get the metal trigger for the M249? I havent been able to find one. And with the nylon gearbox, did you use a gen 8.5 or V2? Both would fit I think although the V2 would probably needs mods to the pistol grip.

The metal trigger was not designed for it…the issue being that the M249 needs a longer trigger. This one is standard so only sticks out a short way, and pretty uncomfortable due to the styling but for now it is ok as I have heard stories about breaking the standard… I’ll swap it out when I can find what I want.

It’s an aftermarket gen8 box.


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Yeah, that is what a standard Gen 8 trigger looks like on a SAW… let us know if you come across a longer trigger somewhere like

@Karl07 bit you like a bug hey, buy one as a display, buy another to complete the set, tactical gear. The gel blaster coronavirus is hard to cure. But, and this is what i see at work and between friends, they go buy these blasters, love playing ariund the house with them, it slowly wears off, they dont buy more ammo, they dont go out to game days, and end up sellibg them. I guess you can say there is abit of commitment here when buying these toys. Think of them as a tiger, if they stay captive they will never get to see their true habitat. Gel blasters need to get out of the house to game days, hunt down their prey, be fed gel balls for nutritional supplements, pack up with fellow blasters, get a hit, come home and and have a great story of their kills. BLASTERS HAVE FEELING, DONT LOCK THEM AWAY OR TGEY WILL BE SO SAD EVEN YOU WILL CRY. LOL sorry bout the caps :wink:

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Just a side note, if i ever hear of someone mistreating their beloved blaster by locking it away, ill hunt you down… and pay for a skirmish day, even if i have to drag your arse out the door :slight_smile:

Haha no concerns there… if it’s the gel corona virus then it’s gone terminal… these have been built to be used!
Due to normally only having Sundays off with the wife, we have agreed it’s only every second week, so I constantly am waiting for the next time I get to get out with them.
We formed a team the first time we went out and met some guys at the field and I haven’t regretted anything.

Besides, this is heaps cheaper than my other hobbies haha

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Thats the spirit bro, get out there and make the enemy hurt lol

So some updates:

On the M4.
Decided on some basic changes…
Changed from the Fighting Bros 7.1mm tightbore inner to an Ausgel 7.5mm.
Changed the plastic outer barrel to a new all-metal outer barrel (a bit longer…unsure on whether I prefer it or no…)
New suppressor to cover the hop-up.
New DK hop-up to replace the Rizer V2…had issues which were instantly fixed by the replacement at Donnybrook.
Changed the FB metal gears to SHS metal gears (had issues with the sizing of the FB)
New Ausgel LiPo battery.
Changed all batteries and the M4 connection to Deans.
Two spring setups for quick field swaps - 1.18 gives 300-310FPS, the 1.28 gives 330-340FPS.

The M249 SAW
Pissed off.
Lasted three seconds and it would appear the Pinion Gear was damaged.
Swapping out the FB gears to SHS as I am now a bit disillusioned with FB.
Bought a big 4400mAh 3SP1 battery pack to run it on once repaired.
New lightweight metal foregrip
Changed out the bipod to a different model for easier adjustment.
3D printed buttstock.
Now it is bloody huge…

Bought the Gorky MP5 shell from one of the members here.
Came with basically all of the parts.
Ended up buying a set of SHS 16:1 gears for it rather than 13:1 that he recommended as I don’t need to put too much pressure on it…
Once it is done, it will be modified to look like a MP5SD with the retractable stock.

I managed to track down a brand new pair of Uniden UH710SX-2 UHF radios with PTT and VOX.
Cost $60 between me and my mate so only $30 each.

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Decided I didn’t like the gap between then short Noveske handguard and the suppressor… well I never liked it but decided to spend more money.

Replaced with a 15" quad rail handguard.
Used some PVC tape around the inner barrel to tighten up the slight movement in the outer barrel.
The Ranger foregrip seems to have a different pitch to the Picatinny rails on the new guard so I will have to file it a little but didn’t have any files so I temporarily put the cheap stock m249 foregrip on.
I didn’t have any black tape so currently the pressure switch is held on with blue… will change though I’ve had some people say they like it… too bad, I don’t.

The m249 is back in action.
Turns out the pinion seal thing came out.
Reset the pinion, reshimmed for better depth, and then used Loctite to stop it moving again.

I also bought a crap old cupboard from a Vinnies or similar for storage and cleared off a bench so I have a real workspace.


Looking good mate :+1:
What be this thing ?


Haha…thats an old replica I had…when I met the wife, she refused to let me keep hanging it above the bed head.
images (15)
Unfortunately I don’t think I’d be allowed to use it for skirmish…


Sweeeet. I just picked up the 249 the other week mate. Looking forward to hearing how you went with the battery upgrade!

It makes a big difference.
I didn’t realize the difference between 11.1V batteries…but it is just a beast on the big battery.

So the SAW is not liking the high discharge batteries… works amazing in bursts, but when you sustain fire you can hear it start to slip. Pinion issue again but it’s a gen 8 box so I don’t want to be too mean to it.
Went to a standard 11.1v and no issues.
Managed to use two full drums in one game… Probably 6 drums over the day… hits hard and scares the shit a out of everyone haha.

Also got a few more things the other day:

Black kryptec camo
Canted picatinny rail
Small holo sight
Ultra hard gels
Metal buffer tube - black
Daisy glasses
Small foregrip

The m4 day mode:

The m4 night mode:

Much lighter and simpler.

The new CQB MP5K:

M4SS box
SHS 13:1 gears
MST cylinder
SHS plunger and head
SHS nozzle
Alloy barrel
Panther hopup
11.1v high output Turnigy
Chihai blue motor