N3DP M24 Receiver

Hey everyone

Some of you may be aware that I’ve been working on a 3D printed upgrade receiver for the M24 for some time, but I thought I would start a thread here as a place to ask any questions you might have about it.

The hardware arrived a few days ago, 10 sets of M3 goodness per receiver :smile:
Hoping to get these listed for sale on the Nadda3DPrints facebook page tomorrow or the next day, and possibly the STL’s for a few bucks as well if you’d like to print your own.

Shout out to @Archeon for his continued support of the project, thank you man!
(Cut out ejection port is the latest and final version)

Thoughts? Comments? I’d love to hear from you :smile:


It looks absolutely incredible mate, seriously you have gone above and beyond with this project!

I heard mention of a potential metal plate upgrade which owners of this masterpiece of a receiver can perform themselves to increase rigidity, resilience and strength :smiley:?

hahah " rigidity, resilience and strength" sounds like a ford commercial or something

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Thank you man!

Yes, I’ll be updating the OP with details on the metal plate once the first production receiver is finished printing.

Not words I’d pair with ford but hey… :joy:

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Let’s hope it performs better than a ford…


hahaha someone needs to post a forum rule, do not mention ford :rofl:


It’s all about context

My insertGadgetHere is 100% recycled steel reclaimed from Fords



The STL files for this receiver are now available on Cults3D if anyone is interested in printing their own :grinning: