Need a Bigger Wall

Started with the Black Hornet Co2, nice weight with full auto, then got the 870 metal shotty, which is really overpriced for what it is, the python’s are just the basic useless gel blasters, but with a paint job they look nice on the wall. Same for the 2 x 1911’s

The Cyma M4 CQB really is such great value for money. Got it on special for $90 using AKA’s and it’s OOTB super solid and reliable, made a suppressor for display.

Next to buy is an AK and a MP5, but will need a bigger wall me thinks.

Always hoped Qld would get AirSotf, super happy we have Gel blasters at least. Ironic that out of all the states, QLD is the only one where it’s legal, we have to be the biggest nappy state of all the states, but here we are…lol…!!


nice display, a bit of everything on hand

step into the real steel World and the World of weaponry and you will soon discover that Queensland is far from a nanny State compared to the two below

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Certainly love my CYMA M4 CQB’s :grin:
Have the same number of those as what you have on that wall :open_mouth::joy:

… but you’d need a 12m wall to fit them all on

And the rest of them

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Good start.


Come back here and I’ll bite your legs off