Need a metal lathe?

maybe but maybe not…

i have a retro arms 6mm adjustible nozzle and no surprise at all its not entirely compatible with our gelSoft equipment…not even remotely…

a lathe would have been nice but i gave that away years ago (regretted it ever since) but enter the OZITO DRILL!

yes…you too can use your cheap arse drill as a pseudo lathe!

easy af…

  1. insert the piece you need to turn down into the drill chuck.
  2. orient the drill so the piece turns toward you and strap the drill down somehow.
  3. crank it over at a reasonable pace noting slower is better for so many reasons
  4. apply light pressure with a file or some other abrasive and have at it.

note: good calipers are a serious boon here…

i shaved 0.21mm off my 6mm nozzle almost to perfection and now it works like a champ.


Go the drill lathe! I did this to get a slr outer barrel adapter to fit in a magpul receiver worked a treat too. Good old Aussie ingenuity :joy:

@zeHamish Haha! Necessity is the mother of invention! I’m sure I’ll be using the method in the near future. I too have an adjustable nozzle, and trying to mod it to the ldt hk. Found some nylon tube for the seal but it may need a softer tip to get a full seal.

that would be why i turned it down. to use a standard silicone seal

I think I’m the other end of that scale, can’t have enough tools. I’ve got a lathe, looking into a CNC machine and a mill.

No one can ever have enough tools Arty_Marty it’s just storing said tools that is the problem :grin:


So when will we see the new range of Arty Marty billet cnc machined gel blaster upgrades , available in 15 colours :rofl::joy:


M24 split

M24 split.......

No shit about finding room @Kenny I’ve currently got 4 rooms of the house set up as workshops to do different things. I’ve even had to resort to setting up an electronics lab inside a wardrobe!

@Rattler Well, if I had a rich sponsor, this year sometime…


looks like my lounge bench on a good day…

but you’re missing the current build in sections laying across the laptop :slight_smile:

That’s half on my other desk, and the lounge room couch at this very moment…


interesting piece of box…what’s the plan there?

Something like this?


Bloody hell… That’ll be nice


I’ll apply this to the dremel this weekend. Got some FB gears that need some grinding!

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