Need advice : Is the t-piece spring really needed?

Hi, noob question here… I got a LDT Hk416, I’ve read the function of the t-piece spring is to push back the t-piece to nozzle…

but my t-piece adapter is tight gripping the t-piece also my inner barrel stabilizer o ring is tight wont let the t-piece spring function as it meant to be…

  • I wonder if the t-piece spring really needed ?

  • should I make some modification to let the t-piece and inner barrel loose to be move by the spring ?

Yes, you definitely need the spring.
The barrel is glued to the t-piece, so they are technically one piece.

The spring should be compressed by the outer barrel/delta ring/handguard adapter to secure the barrel ………not tight barrel stabilisers etc.

The operating tolerances of the t-piece/nozzle can come down to fractions of a millimetre difference between working and not working efficiently.

Always use the spring, no matter how tight the barrel stabilises etc.
Which BTW should never be that tight as to physically retain the inner barrel and outer as one unit.

Certainly have nothing to gain from leaving it out, but possibly everything to lose if the barrel/t-piece does vibrate out of position :flushed: