Need help gearbox feeding or timing issue

So, recently I had to change ldt hk416 nylon gears etc to metal,
Put her back together and instead of 275+fps I was getting 30 to 120 fps.

I have spent over 2 weeks trying to diagnose but I can’t figure it out.

So far I can see that aoe is good, and sector delay is good as seen on this pic, also teeth alignment.

The gears line up just the same as old nylon ones to the teeth and sector delay timin


Also checked nozzle head to t piece and it just seems to be off slightly.
Yet still have stock tappet, nozzle, cylinder head, stock piston head even.

Only changed piston to metal, and gears to CNC, and new tappet return spring to match. Seems to have good pressure.

Currently I’m at a loss as to finding the fault.
Any help appreciated.

There’s no sector delay on the factory nylon gears right?
If the answer is no take that bearing off and try that.

No delay on nylon,
Thx I’ll try that.

Good chance it’s holding the tappet and nozzle back too long and that’s why you have poor FPS because timing is all out of whack.

You can’t do that with that gear set

Plyers or screw driver isn’t able to get that off.

Lol just put a hole in my finger from trying

If you take it off you won’t get enough tappet travel, it isn’t like a normal sector delay chip and has the pin in the middle of the bearing not at the perimeter

I know it’s not on topic but are you running 11v battery no mosfet. Bad arcing on trigger.
If he takes the bearing off, the tappet plate won’t retract far enough back either. The post is setup for the bearing and where it sits there it pulls tappet plate all the way open.
Lol same time as Rattler on bearing

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Yeah, I measured up the nozzle travel timing and it’s the same as the nylon gears.
But. Have in the past ran 11.1v with The nylon gears no problem,

It sounds like the nozzle is not sealing in the t piece

Move the sector gear so the bearing is out of the way and fit the tappet spring an take a nice photo from directly above the box

and rotate it please.I had to download first pic and edit it lol. Can’t look at blaster pics that are not orientated properly. :laughing:

Hmmm lucky someone knows about those gears lol cause I don’t clearly lol :man_facepalming:t4::+1:t4:.

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Originally the tappet return spring broke, so had to find a similar size replacement.

Then the motor nylon pinion grinded out.
So was forced to go All metal.
Standard rebuild, got correct piston size, had to change piston head to stock hk416 for correct aoe, as I wanted a silent piston head and cylinder head and nozzle, but nothing would fit.

Then CNC gears looked to line up all right.
But the only thing I see is timing of nozzle head through t piece, and even with t piece off just gearbox in housing I see the nozzle travel but it isn’t clean, almost as if a MOSFET would correct the issue (aug A3 is clean on single firing) as in it starts closed in t piece and then finishes closed, but with hk it is 1\2 way and then finishes 1\2 way again or finishes back.

Yet not sector delay from what I can see.

Nozzle slides into t piece clean, but the movement inside appears off.
Not with and vertical off but … Timing¿

Taking updated photo now… thx

Did you want me to rotate horizontally? Soz

The tappet spring is too long for starters

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To long¿ I have smaller,

Another note, every time I reopen gearbox, one of my shimms is completely chewed up.

It looks like the sector gear is rubbing on something I can see a few shiny teeth