Need help with LDT HK416 v2.5

I have 2 problems guys

  1. The fire selector won’t allow me to shoot semi auto. Safe and full auto works, but at semi auto, it still shoots full auto

  2. the gels are not being fed into barrel. Upon inspection, it seems the gels are being crushed with the mag itself.

May I get your advice on the above issues please?

Hey Panthera…welcomefor sNG, try turning your selector a little from semi toward safe.

Not enough that the safety engages, and give it a squirt

Still full auto?

Issue 2 might be the gels getting minced up by the wheel in the mag? What gels are you using?

probably, on second look, the gel balls appear to be bigger than usual (mixed up my gels!) ill try another batch of gels and see what happens

i shall try this. Is this a known issue?

Depends on the box and model

It’s a good test though

I’ve tried putting the fire select to the front (towards safe) slightly but unfortunately it still shoots auto. I’ve also tried on both 7.4 and 11.1.

any other things I should try before prying the gearbox out you reckon?

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For my mind, that was it

Next up would be a year down and look at the cutoff lever functionality

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