Need realistic weapons for training and photo shoot

Hi guys,
Quick question my business partner and I who are ex military are opening a security training centre, mainly focusing on Close protection. Part of our course will be hostile training preparing students for hostile deployments, and I am looking for the most realistic weapons I can use for their training and photo shoots. Mainly using M4, Hk’s and side arms Glock 17, 18 and Sig. hopefully you guys on here maybe able to help point us in the right direction.

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I’d say you can’t go past the LDT HK 416 and the Kublai M4 as far as quality build that won’t feel too much like a toy. G17 is solid enough too

If ur mates are x millitary then tell them to order some AS gear. No dramas for them but not sure on the legalities on what the end use restrictions are.

Thanks mate, I have just been looking on the net and there is a metal HK 416 hawkex tactical gel blaster, what looks decent enough

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The standard nylon LDT HK416D will be fine for a photo shoot. The Hawkex ones are all out of stock now I believe, they sell out very quickly.

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Cheers mate,
It would be handy if I could get my hands on used non working ones lol

This is a forum for toy gel blasters? The more realistic our toys become, the more likely the authorities will pay our members a visit, spread all of their toys on the front lawn and photograph them so the media can plaster it all over the news as fire arm offences, that our toy blasters are some sort of real weapon that kooks run around with?

If you need realistic Wepons for a photo shoot… get permits and an armorer to supply real Wepons for the shoot… realistic rubber ‘training glox’ can be purchased… all without drawing attention to our toy blaster site?

I would have thought that anyone ex military would be too embarrassed to run around with plastic toys… after being used to the real thing?

Too much ‘realism’ will be the end of us being able to have gel blasters at all. A few idiots committing crimes with realistic toy blasters and with a stroke of big brothers pen… our toys will be just as illegal as ears oft…

Yes, the spelling mistakes are on purpose.


there are some black out kits you can get to replace the coloured parts with accurate part so no worries, just search for it or have a snoop around on gelball mod