Need Some Help With My SLR CQB

So, I have just purchased the SLR CQB gel blaster and i was wondering if the Rizer V2 hop up would be an alright choice for it.
I would also wondering if any one new if there would be a flash hider that would be able to fit on with the Rizer hop up.
Cheers, :grin:

You can buy some small dia hop ups that will fit.


I was able to attach the Rizer V2 (16mm outside diameter) to my SLR CQB but I had to screw the original flash hider on, then push the hop up onto the inner barrel. This means I cannot do the grub screws on the hop up, but I haven’t had a problem with it falling off or even getting loose yet. In saying that, it’s not pushing any ridiculous FPS.

Better solution would be to get one the hop ups Rattler suggested, as the flash hider will go over them after you have attached it to the inner barrel.

I don’t think a flash hider will fit over the Rizer V2, because the flash hider will have a 14mm CCW thread and the Rizer V2 is 16mm outside diameter.

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Thank you for your help

Thanks, ill order one now