Needing some advice on HK416D

Looking for some help guys/gals. I bought a new LTD HK416D V3. I also purchased a new barrel and heavier spring and O ring.
After fitting the new oring and spring my gels won’t cycle and turn to mush in the T piece. Spoke to the shop I bought it from they said I needed heavier gels. Point taken there.
Also it’s out of warranty. I chose to remove the heavier spring and leave the new oring in with standard spring. Reassembled the blaster and still having the same issue. 3rd time apart and nothing suspicious looking. I decided to test fire a full mag by holding the barrel on the receiver and it cycled through a whole mag without drama or mushed gels. Trouble is the gels are getting mushed on the outside of the t piece and top of the mag. Alignment and everything seems fine. Reassembled the upper and barrel thinking the problem was sorted. First fire and back to where I was mushed gels and all.
Am I missing something here or is anyone able to shed some light on my issue


Did you check the little spring that stick with the inner barrel ? I think the problem is a gap between T-piece and nozzle. That spring help inner barrel + T-piece move back to close to the nozzle.

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BTW, could you show me how to unscrew these 2 pins ? Cause in the ver 3.0 they are not allen…

These pins are just punched through from the opposite side of your pic. Front pin will come out the rear one has a retaining clip on the inside of the receiver. The small pin near the white fire select will need to come out too in order to remove the gearbox from the frame

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My charging handle spring broke on my hk 3.0 how do I fix this

Another thing you may need to check, is with a new barrel and t piece, is the hk416 t pieces are very stiff and you need to make sure you have pressed the new barrel in down as far as it can possibly go.
Use a tooth pick to slide from the t piece slide in narrowing port towards the barrel.
Make sure it dosnt dip after the t piece narrowing part and the barrel or you havnt pushed it in far enough.

Im also having issues with my hk416d. Gels turn to much. I think that the barrel is not in the t peice properly as suggested. It doesn’t always fire a gel either

How the hell do you get the retaining clip on the rear pin out? took the handle off and everything and can barely see the retaining clip let alone remove it. Punching the pin doesn’t budge it

Finally got it had to smack it hard, retaining clip isn’t meant to come out…