Nerf blaster as a sniper

So I’ve been interested for a while in extending my range in game play. The field I play on is outdoor and very open, and I was hoping to find a way of making hits beyond 50m, which would break up the current spray and pray stalemate that inevitably happens in the middle of the field. When a breeze comes up, it can become very difficult to shoot more than 20m with any gel blaster.

Our own Bradley Phillips’ videos have convinced me I need to consider foam darts instead. Anyone else doing this? What’s the acceptance like with other gelballers? Are there any issues with legalities?

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Jump on facebook, go to brisbane area nerf group…

Also, there is a combined nerf and gel day on sunday at urban shootout, you should come along. I can even lend you a nerf blaster to give a try… it won’t be HPA, but it’ll give you a taste. Just let me know beforehand if you are coming so I know to pack it.

There are a few of us who are trying very hard to talk field operators into allowing nerfers to join in as well. Urban shootout was the first.


Thanks heaps for the offer - I’d love to, but I’m a long way from Brisbane (Queensland though, so kosher). I may have to consider signing up to Facebook. Dammit.

I sense I may not really be a gelballer deep down at all. I think I may actually be a confused nerfer. I wear Hawaiian shirts rather than camo. I wish my blaster looked less like a 9un, rather than more. But I also want to win. Will foam allow me to nail the milsim gelball operators at previously unheard of ranges?

HPA nerf looks like designs I’ve had in my head for months.

Legality wise the only way a Nerf blaster can get you into trouble anywhere in Australia would be based on appearance laws if you painted it black and shaped it like an M4 or something. They’re completely legal otherwise, even modded.


A 300fps Nerf blaster can hit people out to 70m, so yes, further than the 50m you are asking for.



Ok, I’m sold. I’m coming out. I’m a nerfer. How do I get my hands on a HPA foam dart blaster?

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If money isn’t too much of a problem, jump on over to spectre nerf, on facebook, or contact Liam Davis (same person) and get on board for a milsig. Selectable semi/auto fire, bottle-in-stock. They’re the new benchmark.

This is Spectre’s personal milsig


Shit yeah.

My old short dart conversion… Before I ditched all my Nerf in favor of gel basters - not a great move in hindsight! :cry:

Yes, it’s a silhouette that could get you into trouble in low light or night time, but still a perfectly legal toy - just highlights the absurdity of mechanism-based bans on gel blasters.


I’ll have to come down and play (bring my son too) Rochedale is our local area

@Deadsquid can you please drop a couple of links au stores (or one that ship to au) for hobby grade dart blasters.
Asking for a friend…( no seriously :sweat_smile:) so she can stop wasting money on department store junk for her kids.
And any blasters you recommend?
The Worker Swift looks nice :ok_hand:, not sure on availability or price though :thinking:

Blokes name is Dean. He will look after you, I know him personally.

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A lot of getting a good sniper in nerf is building, out of the box they will be good or alright but not 100% there. But one of the advantages of dartsoft being legal in all states is that you can get someone local to build or mod a blaster for you

That’s where I get all of my dart zone products from and I got a worker caliburn aswell, very good service lovely people

I also recommend for getting custom 3d printed products or blasters like the lynx which is an amazing dartsoft sniper use digiowl and buy the hardware kit separately

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Basic/dumb question: what happens with the darts when you shoot them? Is there a clean up phase after a game where everyone collects darts or are you rich people and just leave them? And do people try and find their own darts or is it open slather? I’m guessing not a darts are the same.

We have a thing called a dart sweep where everyone goes and picks up darts, depending on what club you play at it’s either your own darts or dart pool which is when you pay something like $10 and you get to use club darts for the day


Digitowl3d, but thanks mate. :slight_smile:

For anyone interested you cam find us on Facebook.

Im printing a silk purple and silk gold lynx right now, incidentally and hardware kits for the lynx and others are being sourced as we speak. :slight_smile:

Dam I got my purple and green one from you guys and that was straight :fire: probably best prints I’ve ever seen absolutely stunning. The green didn’t make you guys to happy apparently :rofl: