Nerf Gel Blaster?

I’m seriously contemplating tearing down a nerf gun and putting a stock blaster’s internals inside (with a bit of cleanup, obviously)

Has anyone actually done this and lived to tell the tale? (Not just thought about it)

Any particular nerf housings that would be recommended for size/ease of access?
Might also be an awesome way around the laws in the police states where they’re illegal for the way they look (otherwise, just engrave and mark the existing casing in reflective hot-pink text: Toy Water Gun?)


I haven’t done it, but I will be.
Just waiting for some more parts.

Things I’ve thought about are that it needs to be a p90 or gen8 gearbox that has motor attached to gearbox

A lot of the nerf blasters have really shitty grips or tiny trigger area to get your finger in so make sure you’re really happy with the feel of it first.

I’m thinking I’ll do a rayven (p90 style)
And a Longshot
The longstrike could also be good if your hands are not too big

The other ones that have a great feel to them are some of the super soaker water pistols especially the thunderstorm

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Was thinking of using a gen 9 with the actual handle attached (of course I’d then have to remove the handle area from the nerf gun)

Was basically thinking of using a Delta Trooper and completely gutting it then making my own frame inside to hold the J9 gearbox with the handle sticking out…
I’d then use the slide on top as the priming action (the already removable buttstock and barrel/handguard would make things even easier for me since I’d just have to make the gel blaster’s inner barrel snug in the removable nerf barrel/handguard attachment)

Of course, the magazine will be a problem unless I can open up the nerf one and install the gel magazine motor and wheel system inside properly before adjusting the top spout area to meet the t-piece somehow since they probably won’t line up…

Lots of trial and error I suppose (hard to imagine when I’ve only got nerf handguns and no rifles to see and/or pull apart to check)

Might visit a toy store with an empty J9 gearbox case…

A good place for cheap nerf blasters is Savers. Heaps of second hand ones for around 3 - 6 bucks each.
Most of the other second hand stores like vinnies etc have a “no toy guns” policy

Just looked up the delta trooper, that looks pretty good. Never seen one in the wild though

Yeah, this would be kind of interesting. Actually, would be great to convert one of the Fortnite rifle nerf guns ! Want to get one of these anyway.
Did not know that a lot of secondhand shops have a no toy guns policy, ridiculous !

I just want to use the external need housing as a bit in to my blaster

Like age appropriate camoflauge dress up

And so it begins…
Since when did AusPost deliver so late?!

Delivering on time is the exception

They just sent a chainsaw package from seq via NT and back

No tracking beyond received upper coomera

Looks like I’ve got a bit to cut away and move around at the back then stabilise the barrel, pack in the gearbox to dampen the buzzing I will no doubt get and then finally fill up/cover the trigger and mag areas…


Awesome dude.
Just make sure you can always pull it apart to fix it.

Personally I’m not a fan of self tapping screws in plastic that nerf uses.
If you ever strip a thread hole or crack one, you can put brass inserts in there and use real screws/bolts

With some plastic you can push them in with a hot soldering iron, and some plastic you can epoxy them in.
I use them in 3d prints all the time.


Got the gearbox fitting snug-ish, now I gotta find a way to seat the mag inside then I’m pretty much done (just filling/cleanup and padding left)

Also want to attach the priming switch to the slider inside so cocking the handle on top primes the mag…


I tried putting the mag motor in the nerf magazine but it’s too narrow…
Went and got a smaller motor and barely got it to feed into the t-piece after what felt like a lifetime of trial and error (was attaching channels inside magazine to aim the gels properly) but it still wasn’t perfect…

In the end, I just did this and it works much better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Just have to add some foam inside so it doesn’t scratch the original body and buzz when firing…

Anyone else get anywhere with their nerf style blaster?

Nice work :grin:
I was going to use the standard m4 mags in mine and just stick something on the outside of them to make them less m4 looking.

I’m still waiting on a couple of metal gen8 gearboxes to arrive so I can do mine.

We need about 20 people in Victoria to do this and then we can play some games without worrying about it being illegal anymore.


I’ve been watching this thread quietly for a while, how did this end up? I’m looking to get a few nerf style blasters. Noticed you had to use the M4 Receiver - How did that work in practice?

hopefully they realised just how horrible an idea it was and gave up.

Yeah, it worked but didn’t feel that nice in my hand since the blaster is a bit chubby now…

Ended up using foam pads on the inside of the nerf casing so it didn’t scratch up the M4’s lower receiver and handle (also made it quieter with less movement since the casing is compressed over the top of everything as opposed to resting directly against the nylon)

So basically: It works but I don’t know of it’s really worth it since you’d probably get done by the po-po anyway (you non-NSW ppl are lucky)

If I could do it again, I’d buy a bigger nerf blaster so there would be more room to play when seating the parts inside (barely scraped by after nearly completely gutting it and removing all the unused channels inside)

Also, for clarification, the only reason I used the lower receiver rather than just the gearbox and handle screwed together was because I ended up using the M4 magazine since I wasn’t bothered to tinker with the nerf magazine to get it to feed into the gearbox perfectly (I had bought a motor since the mag was too thin for the original but it was too much of a hassle and I just really couldn’t be bothered at the time)

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m looking to either do a ridiculous paint job or frankenblaster myself to go silly sci-fi. Very interested in how experiments like this pan out.

Thanks again!

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i’m of a similar position put ponder the game play impact / difference of making them larger.

There will be some freaky sci-fi stuff coming from me in the new year, I’ve just set the wheels in motion to get a 5 axis vertical machining centre with auto tool changer…

And remember… Gel blasters are NOT illegal in NSW or VIC. Only ones that LOOK like replica firearms…
So a gel blaster in a nerf is perfectly legal (unless you’re an idiot with it)


Please have a read of the firearms act before stating that are legal. A pistol is any device with a trigger that can propel ■■■■■■■■■■ under 65cm. Modified toys are not toys anymore.