New Armour Tech gels

I ran two packets through the sizer this morning, they had been soaking for 24hours. I roughly ended up with two 1.25L bottles of 7.4mm, one bottle of 7.5, one of 7.3 and about half a bottle of 7.6mm.
There were a few big jammers, the biggest was 8.2mm and a few 7.2 and under that are useless for me but thankfully not a lot.

I you already grade your gels you may be disappointed with the accuracy and distance but the big surprise came when I tested them with my Wells first, this blaster is pushing 300 fps and will only work accurately with 7.2mm milkies but with the “AT” gels it loved the 7.4mm? (unfortunately they were not more accurate than the 7.2’s).

All the other blasters ran great with the AT gels matched to the bore size eg. scar, 7.5 bore liked 7.5 gels. The most noticeable difference none of the gels fragmented out of the barrel.

The big surprise was the 7.6mm gels, I have to admit that I was a bit pissed off that nothing was going to handle them (waste of gels), the g36 hated them, even the scar hated them. Them I grabbed the Vector with the 7.5 plastic barrel and lightly upgrade spring and tried them, well at first I thought they weren’t coming out but soon realized they were moving so fast I couldn’t see them! Slight adjustment on the hopup and the accuracy was incredible (I do not want to be hit by this), was so happy something liked the 7.6’s.

At ten bucks a pack they are pricey but I will buy them from now on.
If you don’t grade them into sizes you will have jamming issues.
You will get 40 metres as they claim but at that range no one will feel a hit.

That’s my experience today



Big creds for the efforts m8

I’ve been curious how some of you grade gels

I either need to swap out all my FB 7.2 barrels or find a good consistent source of 7.1

Or…adopt someone’s grading process

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Mate I’ve got bottles of 7.1 and 7mm milkies that are useless to me I would be happy to sell them to you at the right price, I rather see them go to someone with a use than just be used in grenades tell me if they are worth anything to you, I put a lot of time into grading them and it would be good to be able to recoup some of my time even if it just buys me another packet.


Pm me m8

My present pickle is gold bags coming in at 7.2+ which messes with my head

I like the setup that Guido made… 2 pieces of alloy angle about 1.5m long with an 8mm gap at one end and probably 7mm, at the other… roll them along from the 7mm end and have bins positioned below. the small ones drop first, then the medium in the middle, the larger fall thru the far end…

I think it is in part 2 of his ‘best gel comparison’ vid

Great idea hail :+1:


Ooo…I should have known he’d have shown us the way

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Mate gold bags grown out, average 7.3- 7.4mm

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Graded around 70000 gels the other day and got got (these are 1.25litre bottles)
two bottles 7mm
Four bottles7.1mm
Two bottles 7.2mm
Six bottles 7.3mm
Seven bottles7.4mm
Three bottles 7.5mm
One bottle 7.6mm

What do you want for your 7.1’s?