New Aug to be coming soon 📹

You might hear that new aug blaster will come soon. Here is a quick video for it. LH AUG gel blaster


Any more details about the materials of the shell or what the gearbox is modelled after?

Keen for this one!

Video URL expired. Can you please re-link. This Is awesome news, especially if it’s 1:1 size, nylon, and a 9 or 10 gearbox!

Would be good if they made the mosfet board more robust for mods. Probably the same one as the Vector

Any one got any pictures of this blaster?
The video has timed out…

I found the vid on the GellBallMod Facebook page if you want to see it, it was one of the vids he posted from the last few days. I don’t why the vid on here timed out, but I assume it was just a link to that post.

Cheers mate.
Unfortunately I don’t do FB.

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I don’t do Farcebook either, but that video you can view without log in

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Cheers Arty_Marty will have a look

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Hey! that looks really good.
Glad I didnt buy one of the old ones…
This one may be the next for the collection.
…or the AWM… :wink:

Problem is, I think it’s plastic not nylon. After getting the BF P90, J9 M4, and especially the J10 ACR, I really don’t want to buy anything that’s not nylon…

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100% agree, nothing more should come out that is not nylon at least. We need to keep moving forward.

Just a screenshot for those that can’t see the clip

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I agree with that Arty…
Must be nylon at a minimum for me.
Hope this one is nylon, same company makes them LH.
It will be great if they are built like the vector :slight_smile:

That looks like nylon… So… Where is that credit card…