New blaster - AK74S

Hi. Just this week got a new blaster from Azraels, AK74S model. Very nice & solid, mostly steel & aluminum construction. And loud ! Much louder than my HK416. The cycling of the fake bolt/charging handle is cool. Tried with AKA gels so far, not too bad, about same accuracy as my HK416, so not the most accurate blaster out there, but still usable for my target shooting. Hits hard too.
The supplied plastic mag is pretty crap, so got a good metal mag instead. Except the main top locking lug on the mag is crappy ABS plastic that easily breaks ! Already repaired once. Intend to replace the lug with a proper metal one.
Will have lots of fun with this blaster for sure. Definitely recommend these ones.

Oh, another thing though, if you want to use a decent size battery with it internally, a few mods are necessary to fit the battery pack, have modded mine ok without wreaking the blaster.