New blaster for gelsoft

Hey guy been gelsofting for almost a year now looking a top of the range blaster to upgrade from my current m4. This one caught my eye. Just need some advice. Is this over priced is there better options to get. Not really good with upgrading so looking for the top of the range upgraded blaster

Do not make that mistake !
They are criminals who steal your money and lie !
Their blasters a poorly built and trying to get you money back is nearly impossible, I had to make a PayPal claim !
I haven’t left a Google review yet but read the others there, the bad ones are real and I wish I had taken notice of them before buying from these theives :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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who do you recommend then?

there are definitely shonks in the system but i’ve had a god run out of CEH

@Ayrezy there are a couple realities around serious equipment and costs…

1: if you buy it in bits locally, you pay the “australia tax” which seems to range from 50-400% for various bits
2: if you buy bits online from abroad, you run the gambit of getting bent over and more recently counterfeit stuff - seriously…wtf gelsoft supplers!
3: if you buy a pre build custom jobby, you pay for time

doesn’t really matter which way you go, you pay. the question is how much and how much extra time you will spend either chasing reparations or doing the build or refurbing the yourself


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I replied to him in a pm .
When I finally get my refund and the nightmare is all over I will post a full account of what happened to me.
Have you had any custom work done by them or bought a $900 blaster from them ? Or just purchased parts etc ?

parts and work

there was a doa fiasco but that wasnt their fault

i’ve had work done from other shops too but in general have stopped being lazy and just do it myself.

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@Ayrezy I’ve had no issues with ceh myself buying parts to make a custom and getting advice on said custom. Having said that, I wouldn’t buy any of their customs because I know I could grab their parts list and put something together that’s equivalent and a hell of a lot cheaper. And truth be spoken, the performance does’t seem to be outlandishly superior to justify the price tag.

But that’s me. I enjoy the tinkering, so it’s money saved and time well spent for me. You’re not so keen on the self upgrade, so it’ll be more attractive.

Have you considered getting an upgraded gearbox built to drop into your existing blaster? Your local shop may be able to handle it for you and be somewhere around 3 hours labour + parts

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Even though your post will be deleted, you are one of many in the same boat !
Spread the word to everyone you meet because if it stops just one person from being robbed it is worth it !


Naming and shaming… whilst it seems like a great idea and may stop someone reading the forum from losing money, it also exposes the forum owners to slander… in the public forum. Can get very expensive. If naming some company, you are better to say “PM me for the dirty details” … or, you can say all of the dirty dirt… and say “PM me for the company name”

In today’s litigious age… naming and shaming… or even “Liking” where someone has been named and shamed can cost alot of money… it can cost people everything. It would be a shame to lose this forum if someone wealthy calls ‘Slander’… badluck

Any company can make it order of business, to start the day by doing a google search for their business name and see who they can sue today…

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^^^^ this…

if you do feel the need to document your sub-optimal experience, post it as a timeline.

dd/mm/yy did this
dd/mm/yy received this
dd/mm/yy did this


refrain from anything other than facts so statements like these **#^$# are #$&@ useless aren’t the go whilst statements like “attempted again to get management to accept that there is an issue. they refuse to recognise my complaint” are far more appropriate


Sorry to hear @PrettyPoisenPlayz_9.