New Brand 3DG bringing out a Glock 17 and G36

So is no one excited for the new G36 at all? I’m a bit over all the hype about yet another Glock but I’d love to see more on the G36. If 3DGs Glock is that good the G36 must be pretty bloody sweet as well yeah? I’m really hoping to see some info released soon as I love the shape…


Definitely waiting for the Glock 17 it looks awesome

Don’t bother with the 3DG Glock 17. It has some major design flaws and will fail after a few weeks. Wait for version two. There is also another company bringing one like that out in a few months.

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Did you end up with one?

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Is there any gel pistols like this one that is cheaper has the same blowback uses gel ■■■■■■■ and uses no gas

It didn’t let me write Pi stols

Certain words are banned. You’ll have to use symbols or mispell it. :sunglasses:

At present it is just 3DG which is an 11v pushing 18/19 gels at around 200fps.
Good for a compact unit but not spectacular.
There will no doubt be others.

My interest is for the tech and features rather the performance as a blaster.

I am super keen for a G36, I would prefer the G36C though over the K.

I had a lead on getting one but its all gone very quiet.

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tiny Update, the G36K is still coming (no word an a changeable front guard for C variant) Performance & Price is in line with the LDT HK416. Basically right now the supplier told me they cannot import any blasters into Australia (or it sounds like they cannot get any stock out of China right now Chinese customs is stopping it a bit like whats happened to Zhenduo).

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Dang, just put through an order for a bunch of stuff from Zhenduo. Did not purchase any blasters though. Just stuff for upgrades. My previous order was returned to them and got a full refund. I wonder if this order will suffer the same fate. Sigh!

My J12 arrived late last week but blasters are coming from local storage, still took 2 weeks tho cos of the Aust post backlog, say in Redbank for 10 days or something.


Yeah … I messaged Zhendou. They say it’s very risky shipping things out via air as customs over in China will stop it for no apparent reason at this point. But if it’s by sea is ok. So it will take about a month or slightly over for things to get to ya.

The version 2 is a lot better now. Eliminated the blowback gear cause it was stripping and replaced with a rear spring system that is more responsive. Also the mag is no longer a cap but a flip door. Looking forward to getting my hands on one.


Sweet, A Vendor near me has G36’s sitting in a shipping container in customs so hopefully the shipment gets released (Though with the SAPOL shennanigans at this point who knows) once he gets them in I will ge going in there to give it a crack on the range & Chrono it.


Thanks for the updates on the G36 bud. It’s getting me all warm and fuzzy knowing there’s different blasters coming out that aren’t just M4s.


as soon as I can give it a test I will post up some results.

Then I will have to work out how I can convert it to a C from a K :wink:


Might have to resort to cutting the handguard if it’s proprietary :worried:

Look forward to a report for us :+1: