New custom blaster

Picked up my new custom made blaster last night.
What a beauty.

V2 split gearbox and gate warfet.
Solid as a rock.
Only has a 1.1 spring in it at the moment for run in but still pretty healthy numbers.


I would upload a video but site wont let me.

Nice man. You do the work?

No chance. I want to use this one.

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nice bro. but it sounds like you didn’t custom build yourself and ordered from a mods vendor which is $$$$$$ what did it set you back?

It was a local guy here in perth. Does awesome work.
Was expensive but he uses all the sweet parts. He also wants it back after its first game to strip it down and make sure its running sweet.
It was about $800 but then I added the warfet and a couple other things that brought the price up.
When u hold it and try and twist it there is zero flex anywhere. Really solid.
I wanted one from him, fps blaster, on facebook because he has been doing it for 3 years and has heaps of experience in repairs and mods.
Really happy with it.

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fair enough but it’s definitely worth trying yourself sometime. not only in cost but that’s half the reason I love the sport so much is tinkering out in the mancave changing parts that are broken or upgraded. and then if something goes wrong you don’t have to wait to get if fixed you can start asap. I’f in doubt ask myself or any of the others here on gbf


I can fix the odd problem but I dont have much spare time after tinkering with these 2 other money pits.


Well then this is my new custom, I’m just
re-doing the gearbox and checking the shimming now I figured out why it wouldn’t feed gels from the mags…I hadn’t lined up the t-piece perfectly facepalm. So changed the way I’ve loaded it in and now it looks like it should go great.
Complete custom build with an upgraded APS silver edge gearbox, BD556 receiver, viper PDW stock, and it will also hopefully run my tracer/chrono unit too.


Sweet. How does she shoot

Cool, the custom blasters look great !
My first and so far only M4 blaster is a pre-built custom job too, cost me $650.
Unfortunately, there were a number of small issues with it which I ended up fixing myself, kind of used to pulling it apart now ! I have also further modified it with extra bits, and got a few more things to replace on it soon. Seems like every time I use it, there is something I want to change or improve. I think the one blaster is enough for now, spent too much money on it already !

no fuking way us that a hq or SLR either way enough said. I’d do the if I was in Ur dhowsu

I’m the same here spend twice what what my blaster is worth modding it lol

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That a genuine SLR5000 or replica? A bloke at work has a genuine Green one fully rebuilt but is spewing the previous owner decided to whack a sunroof on it during the restoration process, knocked god knows how many grand off the resale value.

Nah not genuine, has a 355ci engine, Muncie m22Z rockcrusher gearbox and a Ford 9 inch diff.
If it was genuine I wouldn’t have been able to do what I wanted to do with it.
It would have broken my heart to the mods that I have done to mine to a genuine SLR.


Still sick though, would love to see replica or not a Torana SLR/ Ford GTHO Phase III cruising around the states turning peoples heads. Underrated car and I’m not even a big fan of Holden.

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how’s she run on a 1/4 mile or have U dyno it

475hp but never been down the drags with it. To far away from my place if something goes wrong


I hear ya… been there!

custom built SLR’s one running Perun V2 optical with full metal, other running stock SLR. new pearl mint one being done atm. I build custom SLR’s, inside and out, approx $450 each…