New G17 by "Falcon" EBB

Hi guys I used to play airs–t when i lived in Hong Kong so i recently decided to take up gel blasting and i was looking for a good sidearm and was hearing about all the issues people had with the 3DG. I then went on the internet to look for an alternative SA legal high quality sidearm and I found a YT video and a few posts on Baidu (Chinese version of google) about this falcon EBB pistol.

It seems like a promising pistol from the vid but as far as i can tell from the Chinese forum its still currently in limited production they produced 100 CNC versions at 2500RMB(500AUD) and will be coming out with a Nylon version at 700RMB(150AUD)

Details based on the CNC version cant find any info on nylon version

Gen 3 G17
Full blow back electric with bolt lock on empty
Motor and battery housed in the magazine
Directly feeds from mag into the chamber so no T piece used
Can function as a springer if not used with battery
14mm CCW Threaded barrel
T238 active braking Mosfet

Sorry about the repost guys still new here so getting the hang of using this platform.
anyways i found the link to buy it but i think they’re only taking pre orders its all in chinese btw haha

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Currently everyone is more preoccupied with their gas blockback pistols :stuck_out_tongue:
You mentioned living in Hong Kong, you are now living in Australia?

Thanks yeah Im from HK but im living in SA now. I get the hype about GBB but with new systems they have their teething issues i really like GBB but with gel its kinda pointless haha

Yeah, it’s saying that unit still in pre production, final delivery more than a month.

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the info!