New glass inner barrel

Im excited now, not because ive got my eyes on it but because manufacturers are starting to use their noodle. Forget the recently new fad of stainless inner barrels, glass ceramic inner barrels are about to hit the market.

These new ceremic barrels will have better gains, as ceremic is non porous unlike metals meaning any material that comes into contact with its surface wont want to bond or stick making the gel glide through without any resistance.
Tight bore glass barrels will definatly have benifits over a metal tight bore due to less resistance in friction, solong as your ball dont break under compression they should come out with a sting

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You didn’t mention any cons ?
Very fragile
Special tools needed to shorten and chamfer
Glass actually has a high coefficient of friction
Are they glass or Ceramic?


It’s both actually, it is ceramic in glass form, basicly a more heat resistance form of clear glass.
But yah concidering the thickness of the inner barrel, my guess is this thing is gonna be brittle af =.=…

If it was like carbon fiber tube lined with this stuff I’d jump on it, but that’s probably gonna bring the price pass $200 mark :sweat_smile:

Seems like it’s designed for BBs which is dry, not like gel balls which has moisture and will eventually wet the barrel wall…

Looks like theres only one way to find out, buy 1 :smile:

Let us know how you go, I will stick with the s/s :+1:


So it’s basically pyrex… I’ll pass… Nothing is better than SS at the moment


They should just use ceramic on the inside so its semi protected. Still so fragile.

no need for the walling to be thin but i’m wondering about the shock and shore values of the item.

would hate to face plant into a ditch without knowing i’m not going to puncture a lung or worse

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Honestly, alloy barrels are so cheap and easy to work I’m just going to replace them when they start to pit and degrade…

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