New Heavier, harder gels

Though I would give these a shot.
Has anybody had a chance to test? I think they might have only just been released

I saw Tactoys have them in hand now.

Gotta get a pack of them for sure

Gee big price difference. I will happily wait the little extra and get them for a third of the price off Aliexpress.


I’ll let you’s now within a couple of days, I have a pack of those and Milkies here tommorow all going well. I want to compare them through the KV V2 and a Wells M401.

Any one tried them out yet? Results?

Not yet still waiting on mine

After doing some tests runs with a Wells and a KV V2 plus a Gen 8 M4A1 I found the new Milkies seem to have a straighter line and slightly further distance not by much maybe a metre or 2. They didn’t go so well in a Gen 8 M4A1 with a tight bore barrel which makes sense as they are slighty to big for the barrel. If you run tight bore barrels or both stick to the original Milkies if you run standard barrels go with the Heavier one’s. Just my findings atm keen to see what others have found.


I have also recently tested these new milkies with my Gen8 M4, standard barrel, 1.4 spring. They are pretty good, will be using these more for sure.

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Has anyone who has these already checked out the sizing with a vernier caliper yet It’d be interesting to know what the max size people are seeing with these is

One of the Australian vendors has done this already, they reported the average grow size diameter was 7.5mm, so they are not suitable for tight bore barrels.

Low Guido